Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter, part one

Easter is a very hectic day for us. It starts about 4:30 (yep, a.m.) with me getting up and starting the process of shuffling everyone out the door to our church for the 6 a.m. sunrise service. Well, well worth the effort, but--yikes! It is a feat--and I could not do it without Shane's help, that's for sure. After the service, we have breakfast at the church and then it is home for a bit (to hopefully catch a few winks!) and then back to the church around 9:30 for the 10 o'clock service.

There, Shane wrangles the boys (who behaved exceptionally well this year, PTL!) while I play piano and then sing in the choir's Easter contata. By the time we left church around 11:45, we were pooped!

Grandma MJ and the boys at church

I know many do the whole 'big meal' thing on Easter, but we don't. It is rather refreshing to me to have a hubby who supports me in this endeavor....he knows how wiped out I am by noon and kicks right in to take over the dinner reigns!

That, by the way, translates into planning where we are going out to eat. *grin*

This year, we decided to stop at a local place to carry out some yummy fried chicken with all the fixins. Then, we headed on over to Grandma MJ's to eat with her.

That, by the way, translates into no cleanup for me. *grin* But, as my mom will tell you, she does that the best anyway. Cleanup is definitely her department.

Little boys who are ready to eat!

"Ummm....who took my spoon, and what in the world is this thing?"

Col and Daddy

Cam and Grandma MJ

Cameron is always, always good for a big squeeze!

Then it was home to nap (yay!), followed by some serious egg hunting.
To be continued....


Julie said...

4:30AM?? Girl, you are CRAZY!!! Okay, maybe not crazy, but definitely brave.

That's awesome that you just kick back and relax after church ends - I totally agree that after a start like that, I'd be pooped, too! (I'm wiped out when I get up at 6:00AM and just do normal stuff...)