Thursday, April 29, 2010

A new take on the location of the Garden of Eden

Thought I'd try to get in a lesson on the consequences of sin today.

I failed.

The lesson flew completely over the head....alas, I shall continue trying....

Today, we were working (me, Shane, Cameron, and Ethan) to prepare our garden. Shane had just finished tilling and we were using hard rakes to evenly spread the soil and rid the garden of the old weeds and grass.

I hear:

Cameron: "What's this, Mommy?"

I walk over to see him standing above--and I know I have a *tendency* to exaggerate, but seriously--the largest grub I have ever seen in my life. It was as thick around as my pinky finger.


Me: "That, my dear, is called a grub. They are gross."

Cameron: "What do they do?"

Me, spouting quickly, before I really had a chance to think about the impact of my words on my four-year-old: "Nothing, son. They don't do anything."

Shane, of course, comes in with a more Godly-minded approach: "Well, they have to be good for something. God made has to be for some purpose."

Me, under my breath: "Yeah, to gross me out."

But, then, I got to thinking.

Me: "Well, couldn't the grub be a direct result of sin? Like, it came into the world after the fall?"

Cameron is looking a bit confused by this point, so I tried to clarify:

Me: "Cameron, do you remember when Adam ate that piece of fruit that God told him not to eat? When he sinned for the first time in the Garden of Eden? "

Cameron: "Yep!"

Me: "Well, when Adam did that and sin came into the world, lots of bad things happened. Like we have to work hard in our garden now, and there are bugs know, things like that."

Cameron thinks for a minute, I believe trying to connect the dots between the consequence of Adam's sin with grubs being in our garden.

His conclusion?

"Oh, so....Adam and Eve lived here in Catlin, huh?"


Julie said...

*peeing pants because I am laughing SO hard*

That is so cute. Hey, gotta give yourself some credit for trying to work a bit of a lesson in with something like that! (By the way, it DOES give one something to consider about why certain things exist - like mosquitoes)

We have grubs, too. GROSS. Every time I see one, I about want to barf. They go right into the yard waste bag with all of the weeds and stuff.

Jen said...

That's funny! I have had those discussions with Brooklyn about salvation. I'm trying to say all the right things and I really think she is getting it and then she says something off the wall. Hopefully, they are soaking some of it up. :)