Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Second week of couponing--I'd say I'm getting better....

Got $65.73
worth of merchandise
Paid $13.30
(I am not as good at Walgreens yet as I'd like to be)
in addition to that,
I received $11 in Register Rewards (free money at Walgreens!)
to use on my next trip!
Net spent: $2.30!! for $65.73 worth of items!

{How I love you, CVS! *mmmmmwah*}
I spent $2.47
Most of was TAX
I received $55.17 worth of merchandise
--here's the kicker--
$20 in Extra Bucks (free money at CVS!)
for next weeks' adventure!!
That means, they basically paid me $17 to take merchandise out of their store!

I can handle this.

Shelly, have I mentioned that I love you?

This girl is the guru....check out South Jersey Shopper for tips on how to shop for cheap or even FREE at the drugstore!

I am LOVING this couponing thing!

More on this topic (and HOW I am doing it) soon!


Shelly said...

i love you too! you and your savings ROCK!! i'm so proud of you! is that a silly thing to say? well i am, so there!

Brittany said...

I've been doing this for a while but not nearly as well as you are. I tried to find a good flow for it but it just took too much of my time gathering, cutting and filing coupons, figuring out the deals and then driving around getting the deals. I just don't have the time. AND, the awesome coupons that places like Chicago and other big cities get, our measly paper doesn't get. It was so frustrating to me. To buy a Tribune on Sundays was not usually worth it for the few coupons I wanted/needed. So, I quit doing it so much. I still get deals here and there, just not all the time. I will admit, I'm envious that I don't have it in me to do as well as I could.