Thursday, November 18, 2010

Looking ahead to Christmas cards

Are you the kind of person--like my amazing and very craft-talented Mother-in-Law--who spends hours making personal Christmas cards to send out?

Or, do you take the easy road and just send the store bought kind--preferably, in all money-saving-consciousness, of course--purchased the day after Christmas the year before?

Bet you can't guess which one yours truly is.

If you said the first--I'm laughing in your face right now.

I'd be that gal that goes on the hunt the day after Christmas, digs through heaps of unorganized, left-over cards, and finds the best ones she can--generally ones with some sort of verse on the inside, seeing that without the coming of Jesus, we'd have no Christmas card sending at all--and stock up on those for next year.

This year, I am doing things differently--and I couldn't be more excited about it!!

I've always dreamed of doing those fancy photo Christmas cards--like my sister-in-law Karie always does. I drool over hers every year and think, "Why don't I do that?"

The answer is really, really simple. Cost.

However, this year, Shutterfly--which is an amazing online photo company I have used in the past to make great photo calendars for family gifts--is treating bloggers (like myself) to 50 free Christmas cards!

I am torn between a few designs. There tons of great ones to choose from--here are just a few I like.

I love these next two folded designs:
Um, are you kidding me? I love the simplicity of the black and white with the holiday colors.  
And, room for a family photo and four sweet head shots of each of my brood? LOVE it! 
No verse--but I supposed I could always write one on the inside.

You could also choose a less expensive, flat option.

Though none of them really stood out to me, they do have religious Christmas card options as well.  Basically, if you can think it, Shutterfly has it!

I can testify from past experience that Shutterfly is a great company with an easy to navigate site and great quality results.

Try them for yourself.  Happy Christmas card making!


Unknown said...

Just told rog tonight we need to think about a family pic for our christmas card this year. I think it's been 4 years since our last one. how sad is that???

Kara said...

Can't wait to see the family pic! I have used shutterfly lots before and LOVE them!!! Missing you, hope to *talk* soon!