Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Seventh birthday celebration

After duking out the championship soccer match on his birthday and grabbing a win, Colin came home to a smaller, different sort of celebration--his birthday party! 

Well, that is if you can call Mommy, Daddy, brothers, sister, and Grandma a party.*grin*

But there were gifts involved, so party it was!

Col got a few great things. He is really into the Bears this year, so we sort of spoiled him with that!

  Reading Grandma Jane's ScoobyDo card

 Hey! A Bears backpack from Mommy and Daddy!
(Still wearing his soccer medal--so cute!)

A Bears hoodie from Grandma

Soccer t-shirt! This one made him happy

Whadoyouknow! Bears sleep pants!

And, I believe, his favorite of the day--a REAL jersey.
The pictures show how much he loved this one!
Oh, and the fact that he may or may not have worn this like 52 times since then.

Oddly, when you ask Colin his favorite color these days, he responds with "turquoise".

Turquoise? No idea on earth where that came from.

But, he's pretty persistent about just
happened to have this Wii remote in blue turquoise....

...and we're pretty sure he like that, too.

Showing off his 'loot'

My sweet little buddy

It doesn't seem possible that God sent you to me over seven years ago, Colin, but I'm sure glad He did. I love you so much--Happy Birthday!! 


Anonymous said...

To my special 1st Grandchild, Colin,
I can't believe it has been 7yrs. ago that you were born. That was an amazing, wonderful day for me. I just want you to know you're a GREAT Grandson and a very "special" part of my life. I have been so Blessed to watch you grow and to become the sweet, very intelligent, considerate, compassionate, talented, kind, cutest ever, little boy you are, who will always rise above! Never forget how wonderful you are! If you ever need a little reminder of how special you are, please keep these words in your heart because they will always be there for you!! Grandparents don't come any more Blessed than me and Grandkids don't come any better than you! I love you buddy! Happy Birthday!
Gma Jane

Kathy said...

Happy Birthday sweet boy. D, I cannot believe how old Colin looks. Such a little man! It looks like a beautiful day celebrating that precious boy.