Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Old Cars

My Cameron is such a unique individual. {If you know him in real life, you know just how much 'weight' that sentence really carries.}

One of the things he has displayed to us is a love of "old cars". Since the time he was very young--almost from when he first started talking--he could recognize, point out, and say "Old car! Old car!"

The real kicker is that neither Shane nor I ever pointed those kind of cars out to him and taught him they were old. I guess he just instinctively knew.

We were always amazed at that.

{I feel quite certain he got that love from his Grandpa Danny, who also loved cars from the time he was knee-high.}

To this day, he still sees (and hollers out) at those old cars. So, when I heard that our local Fall Festival was going to be having an old car show, we just knew we had to check it out. We were lucky enough to have Grandma 'Nette and Grandpa down for a visit, so they came along--and we felt sure that Grandpa Danny was there with us in spirit, as well!

Checking out the Impala

Ethan in front of a corvette

Blue Stingray!

56 Thunderbird! 
Are you impressed that I knew that?!

Yeah....don't be.

Checking out the whitewalls

Ethan seemed to be particularly drawn to the RED ones!

Cameron loved this one....

....and the mini-cooper!


Cameron didn't care for the Do Not Touch signs, and needed to be reminded several times :-)

He just kept inching closer and closer!
Austin Healey 3000

A 57 Chevy!

Cameron said this one looked like a red "Doc" (from CARS).
Love this picture!

We saw a few roadsters....

{Colin loved this yellow one, and insisted on a picture with it}

....and even a Model T.

Ethan even got to sit in one (which I think, judging from how 'keep-your-kids-away-don't-even-let-them-breathe-on-the-car' crazy most of the owners were, was a pretty rare opportunity)

A racing engine

We all really enjoyed our time at the show.
Who knows, maybe someday Cameron will own and rebuild 
one of these himself, and we can go to his very own show!


Amanda Hoyt said...

Great post! Love those boys!

Leanne said...

Awwww.....that Cameron!! And speaking of early "obsessions" with our kids, my oldest daughter Hannah has always loved knives and swords! How's that for girlie??!!

LOOOOVED the post on sidewalk chalk, and your narrative with the FABULOUS Lola the Lovely!!!! I laughed! It was great. I can't believe how BIG she's getting!

Anyway, great checking in with you!!

Take care!