Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ethan's 5th birthday!

Today, my littlest guy is five!

We had a birthday party with family on Saturday to celebrate. Ethan absolutely loves Mario Kart, so that was the theme of the day!

He loved his balloon....

....both sides of it!

We were so fortunate to have both our close family and some far-away family come.
Lolee girl snuggling with Aunt Aimee (love Livy checking Lo out in the background!)

My niece, Olivia. Love this girl! She loves to come to my house, sit at my counter, and watch me
 as I go about the kitchen. But she does not love to chat with me! Most of the time she 
just sits in silence, taking it all in!

Olivia's sister Annelyse is exactly 9 months younger than Lola. 
They played really well together, despite some "MINE!" moments from Lola,
who usually doesn't have to share her dollies with anyone!
{Also, have to mention here....Lola's hair was compliments of Aunt Aimee. Bwahahaaa!}

Two adorable girlies!

Grandma 'Nette playing the "Get the Legos out of Lola's mouth" game

Lola decided to try on Annelyse's boots when she wasn't looking. She loved them!

The cousins played Mario Kart for a while, while we waited for everyone to arrive.
So cute with them all lined up on the couch!

Uncle Rog holding the girls

Ethan had such a hard time waiting to open presents! At one point in the day, when Aunt Aimee told him it was only a few more hours till he could open them, he was so upset that he told her he just thought we should cancel his birthday! But the time finally arrived. 

We decided to let him open Grandma Jane's present first, then eat, then open the rest.
Luke checking things out while E opened...

....something he had been asking for for a while....

....a new Imaginext Samurai castle!
Ethan has a real love affair with Imaginext. Actually, all of my boys do. Even Colin, at 8 1/2,
still really enjoys playing with them. There are all kinds of things to do (so kids really love them) 
but no batteries so it really encourages free, creative play (which I love!)

My Aunt Karen (being goofy!) and Uncle Tony

My cousins, Hanna and Hilary

My mom (Grandma Jane) and Shane's mom (Grandma 'Nette)

Grandpa and Annelyse

After dinner (pizza, requested by Ethan!) it was finally time to open the rest of E's presents. 
His eyes were gleaming!

Soon there was paper flying everywhere.

Aunt Aimee is truly one of the best gift givers I know....

....and she didn't disappoint this time! Love the look on his face!

A giant, super soft Mario Kart blanket!!
Ethan loved it and has slept with it every night since.

Grandma 'Nette and Grandpa got Ethan his other favorite toys--trains.

From Mommy and Daddy--the one Imaginext plane he doesn't have!

Aunt Karen got all three of the boys a very cool new board game.
The boys played it with me and Grandma 'Nette the very next day and it was really fun.

Last but not least....

....our very good friends got Ethan a Nintendo DS....

....complete with the Mario Kart game.

He was pretty ecstatic over everything!

Tom showing Ethan how to get the system working

Cupcake/cake time!

Brooklyn and Lola enjoying their very blue cupcakes

All kids love to lick the icing off! They know where the good stuff is.

It seems unreal that this baby....

....is now this grown up boy! I love you Ethan Ryan--Happy 5th birthday!

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Julie said...

Love him. Looks like it was a great day!

Aim said...

AAAH LOVED IT! Certain points I cringed, smiled, laughed and loved you. :) so many emotions all in one post. ;) So glad we didn't cancel the party after driving all that way. ;) love that boy.

Anonymous said...

I don't comment often but had to this time. This boy is special in too many ways to describe and this space isn't large enough anyway. I will say: he has a gentle nature about him that you just don't see often. What I mean is he has a heart full of joy and a sweet shyness that you see in his smile that is stuck on his face :) He smiles all the time!!! Dev's children's Christmas blog backs up my words. I love how he is fearless with his older brothers and holds his own pretty darn well. He is 5 now and I remember like it was yesterday Dev walked in the front door with the 3rd youngest brother. I love you EE and am proud that you are the little boy you are!
Gma Jane