Friday, February 13, 2009

To my baby--who is no longer a baby--on his second birthday

If you are interested in reading Ethan's birth story, click here.....and even if you don't want to read, go check out the pictures and see how cute my third little baby was at birth! *grin* And, oh, how I miss Cameron being that little....



I feel like hardly any time has passed since I sat here and wrote a post on your first birthday. Here we are, already a year later, and it hardly seems possible that you are two years old!

You are such a joy to have in our family. You are both my cuddliest one and the one who will refuse to sit still in my lap to save your life--depends on the day! You have quite the affinity for brushing your teeth; for your blankie; and for your older brothers. You can certainly hold your own against the two of them, even when they have you at the bottom of the pile! You are quite tough for your small frame, that's for sure.

Some of my favorite things that you do/say:

"Ice." Such a plain word....yet you make it sound so cute!

"Mama." Not said often....and it melts my heart.

"Day-day". You want your blankie. (And, don't worry....we know you are trying to say bay-bay.*grin*)

"Heh, heh"--your reply to me when I say "Ethan, what does the "h" say?" Along with that--the "puh, puh, puh" ("p") and "buh, buh, buh" ("b") and "aaaaaaaa" ("a") and "sssssssssss" ("s"). Love that.

The way it takes you a whole minute to cry after you have decided to do so, and how cute your face looks for that minute while you are crumbling.

How much you love your Daddy.

How, just like your Daddy, you love your carbs. I think if you could, you would choose bread sticks to be your very best friend.

How you love books. Your readin'-fool of a Mommy is so excited about that.

The way you fight for position and push your way onto my lap for reading time....even if one of your brothers is already there.

(*The way your brothers always give in and let you be the one to have Mommy's lap.*)

How you always raise your hand and say "Eeeeeeee!" when I ask "Who wants to pray for our food?" at meals.

How you love all things music. Singing, playing any "instrument" you can get your hands name it, if it involves making some semblance of a joyful noise, you dig it.

And, on you get your groove on when you hear almost anything--from Praise and Worship to Veggie Tales! Something about your dancing just brings laughter to everyone in this house. {*You must take after your Daddy.*}

How you give me those, "I'm too cute to get into too much trouble" eyes when you know you've done something wrong.

How you come to me with both hands raised and say "uh-puh, uh-puh"--your "up".

How you want me to hold you all. the. time. Though this can prove to be difficult to do while I'm trying to accomplish my various tasks throughout the day, I know it won't last much longer and I'm cherishing it.

That you love Mexican food. We've always joked that you are my Mexican baby.

How teeny you are.

How you don't let that stop you do any thing.

That you sit, most of the time, through an entire church service without too much disruption.

How you lay on the floor and roll your trucks back and forth for what seems like hours at a time. Trucks, semis, and all things with four wheels fascinate you!

That you are saying more and more everyday. In the last week, your language has really taken off! {For my memory: hot, up, outside, please (ee-ee-ee), ice, moon, bye (which you love to shout to anyone and everyone and, oddly enough, you pronounce 'die' it's sounds really funny when you are leaving somewhere and shouting, "Die! Die!" to everyone within earshot), down, thank you and excuse me (both in your own unique way *grin*), night-night, drink (dink), dada, mama, day-day (for your blankie or bay-bay), car, choo-choo, light, all done}

How you have to prop yourself up on your elbows and watch what I am doing when I change your diaper.

How you open the hymnal and wave your hand to "lead the singing" at church. Oh. My. Goodness.

How incredibly excited you get over.....yogurt. Hilarious.

I love you peanut. I'm so glad I got the chance to be your Mommy. You are a blessing to me each and every day. Happy second birthday, sweetie.


Kara said...

I love it! You could have very well described funny! We have got to get these boys together!

Julie said...

Such a sweet post!!

Glad to read that his language is picking up a bit...

He sounds like such a little punkin'.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - I love your boys.

Anonymous said...

He is that and so much more to me too! You forgot he say's "date night"!!, thank you. Ethi you are my "really something" Grandson that warms my heart with everything you do. You have a very quiet, hidden sense of humor that I've not seen in children your age but it's in you and I crack up at everything you do. You are so talented and I love you mostest, I love you bestest, I love you!!
Gma MJ

Shelly said...

what sweet milestones to accomplish--these precious years go so fast! happy 2nd birthday little one!