Friday, February 6, 2009

Apparently.....Cameron prefers Mr. Lunt

Today the boys were watching one of their many Veggie Tales: Madame Blueberry.

It's an oldie, but a great-y. I love teaches the valuable lesson of having a thankful and happy heart with what God has given you, rather than always wanting more, more, more.

{We can all take a lesson from these vegetables, don't you think?}

We got to the silly song, and on came one of my favorites--the "His Cheeseburger" Song.

Trust me, it's worth it to click that link and watch. It's hilarious. And it just keeps getting funnier each time I see it.

Anyway, back to the video.

Here I am, buzzing around the living room (all around the boys, who are watching Mr. Lunt so intently) cleaning up toys and giving the room a general straightening up.

I start singing along. Loudly.

"Be back for you-oooo, he'll be back for you-oooooooooo......."

Cameron, from across the room, says,


I hear him--vaguely--but I'm into the tune. "You are his cheeseburger......"

Cameron again, louder this time:

"Mommy? Mooooooooommmmmyyyyyyyyy?"

".....his precious cheeseburger...."

So, Cameron walks over....and taps me on the leg. Ever so politely....

"Mommy? Excuse me, Mommy? Um......

I can't hear Mr. Lunt."



Julie said...

HEE HEE HEE!! Hopefully the other people at the Rascal Flatts concert won't have to say the same thing to you.

Hmm..Puckey just told me "Mamma, you're the biggest mamma that I ever seen." I'm wondering if I should be offended.

Have fun tonight.

Nancy said...

Ha Ha Ha!!! LOL I am laughing so hard, I am crying!!! That is one of our (Drew's and mine) personal veggie favorites, too. We have the silly song countdown DVD and the kids all love to sing along. Too funny!!

Julie said...

That's so funny! I LOVE that song! It is my all time favorite Veggie Tale song.

Unknown said...

oooohhh. man. thanks again cam for being so honest right?