Thursday, February 19, 2009

Everything's amazing....and nobody's happy

I saw this this morning, and had to post it. It is worth the view, I promise.

I do not have TV, remember--so I have no idea who this man is that is talking. {Outside of this clip, I am not endorsing or supporting anything else he says, because, frankly, I don't KNOW what else he may be saying outside of this interview!} Forewarning: he is a bit crude (at two different points--a bleeped out curse word and some potty humor), but hilariously funny, and dead-on accurate. The point that he is making resonated so deeply with me that I just felt I couldn't not share this clip.

What is our society coming to? This.

Everything's amazing....and nobody cares. And why?

Because true happiness is found nowhere outside of Christ. Period.


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Mamasita Chimichanga said...

That was hilarious! I have no idea who he was either, but he was right on! I was crackin' up!

Thanks for sharing!

Kacy =)

PS: did you get my last e-mail? No hurry...just making sure it's not sittin' in your spam folder! =)

Karie said...

I loved it. I have to pass it on to Jay, I know he will think it's hilarious. Bitter Sweet for sure. It kind of goes with my latest post, we take SO MUCH for granted. If we would stop complaining for 2 seconds, we could look around us and be reminded how awesome OUR God is.

Julie said...

Oh.My.Word!! That was stinkin' hilarious.

And sadly true.

I have been known to go, "UGH! I clicked on this link like 3 seconds ago...why isn't it doing anything???" or, "Come ON! A minute and a half to heat up my meal? Oh for crying out loud!"

Thanks for sharing that!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and remember when you used to have to use a REAL potato to play with me?

The times, they are a changin'!

Shelly said...

Oh. My.


I loved that!

Carolyn said...

Hey! Got your book, I mean email - ha! You really ought to consider writing as a second career - the suspense had me going and hoping that it ended like you ended it. Yay! Will write more when I find some time, but just wanted to say "thank you very much"!


Ermis Party of 5 said...

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