Sunday, February 8, 2009

Look at my loot!

E got so many great gifts this year.....

A new percussion set from Great Karen
He was pretty excited...he loves music

Some new (washable--yay!) markers and construction paper from Tim, Sarah and T.J.
That's his, "This is all fine and good, but, Mom, are you actually
going to let me play with these markers?" look

Checking out his new Big Picture Bible from Uncle Rog, Aunt Aimee, Luke and Olivia
(That's another one of his loves....books)

Brand new CARS bedding from Granny Franzi

(E had just opened Grandma MJ's Fridge DJ. He was quite enamored with it.)
I just love this picture--he was really enjoying opening his presents!

A new Veggie! Gideon, Tuba Warrior--from Grandma Nette and Grandpa.
(This is currently one of two new favorites in the house.)
They also got him the newest Veggie, Abe and the Amazing Promise!
A new dinosaur puzzle from Colin and Cameron

Another new Veggie from Tom, Jen, Brooklyn and Aiden: Tom and Huck!
(The second of the two current favorites)

Ah, and here we have the squishy, bouncy, hairy, light-up ball (from Pastor and Kathy)......

....which he and his brothers really liked.

The other gift from Pastor and Kathy?
A harmonica.
They're going to be wonderful grandparents, aren't they?
Just look at 'em giggling with glee in the background.
Such lovely not-at-all loud and obnoxious gifts they shower our children with....*giggle*

My little noise-maker musician was in heaven

This little puppy is currently the number one fight-causer in my home.
At any given point in the day, you might hear:
"Mommy! Colin won't let me have the 'woe-dah-ma-kah-ta'....."
{That's har-mon-i-ca for those of you who do not speak Cameron-ese.}

Lots of goodies.

Lots of FUN!

Gift opening sure can tire a little guy out!


Julie said...

So cute! Looks like he had lots and lots of fun!!

We have a harmonica at our house too - both the little girls LOVE it. The bigger kids did too, until they saw the little ones slobbering all over it. HA!!

Kathy said...

Happy birthday big E!!!!

Those are precious pictures!!! Praise God for 2 years!

You throw a mean party D....

Kirst said...

Happy Birthday Ethan!

You're kids are so adorable. I love seeing how happy they are.

Great party!

Nancy said...

Cute pictures! I love the harmonica...absolutely exactly the same scenario that we would have in our house if we were the *fortunate* recipients of such a gift! :)

Glad you guys all had a great time!