Monday, February 23, 2009

Colin's interpretation of our fine neighbors to the North and South

Recently, Colin and I were having a very serious discussion about our family genealogy. Before I tell you about our conversation, let me just say that, a few days ago, we had another serious discussion of World Geography. It went something like this:

Me: "So, we live here (pointing to the U.S. on a North American map) and up here (pointing North) is Canada, and down here (pointing south) is Mexico."

Colin: "Oh! Canada....and Mex...Mexico."


Back to genealogy:

Me: ".....and, do you know who Mommy's mommy is?"

Colin: "Grandma Jane."

Me: "Yep, Grandma Jane. And, do you know who Grandma Jane's mommy is?"

Colin: "Granny."


"So, then, who is Granny's mommy?"

Me: "Well, we don't know her. She isn't alive anymore."

Colin: "But, did we ever see her?"

Me: "Oh, no honey. She didn't even live here. She lived in another country, far away."

Colin, pointing down: "Oh, you mean like, Dinoco?"

I stifled a chuckle, thinking of my Great-Grandmother--who lived in Germany--hailing from a land of CARS-like people. But, the conversation pressed on.

Me: "No, honey. She didn't live in Dinoco." I didn't correct him at this point, because I didn't think he was referring to an actual place.

Colin, still as serious as could be, now pointing up: "Oh, so she lived up there, in Canada, then?"

Only then did I understand that Colin had confused Mexico for Dinoco....


Shelly said...

ha! i always wondered where dinoco was located =)

Nancy said...

Oh, the things boys will come up with! That is really cute!! :)

Kirst said...

Too cute! If only you knew someone from up north. :)

Unknown said...

gotta love the education that Cars gives out! Has been lukes favorite for about 2 months now. Everything is CARS!!!!

Julie said...

Puckey thinks she is Lightening McQueen. She strips down to her underwear (because cars don't wear clothes) and runs around "squealing her tires" (which pretty much consists of her screeching at the top of her lungs)

It's great that you are trying to teach the boys about the world, though. Some kids don't even realize that America isn't the only country on the earth...or even that there are other states than the one they live in.

Anonymous said...

hahahhaah i was wondering where dinoco was too lol haahha im geographically challenged, so i didn't realize there wasn't even one ! haha! thats GREAT ..sioby