Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The first of what will probably be a slew of birthday posts

Last year, Ethan totally got jipped on his birthday.

(Is that how you spell that? Jipped? Gipped? Spell check offered me kipped, hipped, copped, cupped, and japed.

Once again, I digress. Back to last January.)

Ethan had bronchitis on his first birthday, so we had to cancel his party. *Poor 3rd child. Mommy never rescheduled....*

However, my sweet mother-in-law, on our family vacation in Wisconsin last June, decided that we were going to make birthday cupcakes and we were going to have an 18-month birthday party for Ethan. "What a great idea," I thought.

So, we donned hats, and started singing "Happy Birthday" to my sweet baby.

And, this is what he did:

I thought maybe it was the hat, so I took it off.


Even cake didn't cheer him up.

I'm not sure why, but, at the sound of the Happy Birthday song, my son started having a slow meltdown. He really never recovered. I had to *force* the cake down him in order to get pictures of him eating cake. I thought it was a fluke.

Until this year.

Same song.

Same reaction.

(It's Cameron, by the way, who is the unseen blower-outer of the birthday candles *grin*.)

The cake worked this year, though! Ethan perked right up after the video, when I placed a giant piece in front of him and let him go at it....but I thought it was funny that he reacted this way to this song twice. (Three times, if you count his 'almost-cry' in church Sunday morning when they sang to him in Sunday School.)

Even though it wasn't the reaction I thought he would have, it was pretty cute. And it makes for a good story and a great video!


Nancy said...

That's too cute! Aaron had the same reaction until this year (3rd birthday)...must be third child syndrome or something! :)

And, I think it's gypped...I think.

Julie said...

AWWWW!!! Poor baby E!! I did a combo laugh/cry on that one - he just looked SO sad.

Maybe it's your singing? (LOL - just kidding! You sounded lovely!)

Does he cry when the song is sung to other people? Maybe he just wants to stay a baby!!

Poor little guy.

Kara said...

Sorry but that is just too funny! I know it is mean to laugh at your kids, but I am in stitches over here! Maybe he hates being the center of attention, who knows! Thanks for the smile this morning!

Anonymous said...

Mike has a nephew who is still cries when he hears happy birthday. (He's 7!) Maybe it's something it the song that irritates certain kids? Poor Ethan!!

Laura said...

I think the saddest part of the whole video is when he is finally excited about the cake and is getting ready to blow out the candle and Camm beats him to it! He looks sooo sad. (but I still laughed pretty hard)