Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ethan's birthday party, in pictures

Ethan's party was a wonderful mix of family and friends. We had a great day, celebrating my littlest little's 2nd birthday. The start and first half of our day, in pictures:

Mommy and Ethan--leaving their 20's and their....well....1's behind!
Playtime before the party
"Where's Ethan? Ethan.....Eeeeeethaaaaaaan?"

"There you are!"
{This went on this way for about another eight minutes....he loves 'peekie'}

Ethan's favorite non-family member--our Pastor. He loves him!
(I think it's solely because Pastor is like 6'5" -- E never gets a chance to be up
that high other than when he's hangin' with Pastor....)
Having some fun touching all of the lights on the ceiling.....

....literally. Every one.

To the cake!

Mmmmmmmmmmmm.....getting every last bit off the spoon

Ummmm....can anyone say "too young to know this technology"?
Brooklyn and Colin snapping some pics with their fake cell phones

Back to shoveling cake

Get it all in there, buddy

All the kids around the table sucking down the sugar *grin*

Next up: Presents!


Jen said...

That boy loves him some cake!

Julie said...

I LOVE the picture of you and Ethan! You look Gorgeous!!

Julie said...

Oh, and Ethan is pretty stinkin cute too! ;0)

Unknown said...

adorable...i love the pic of you and your certainly don't look like you're leaving your 20's. :)

Unknown said...

oh and thanks for the compliments on my kiddos...there's so much fun at this age.

Unknown said...
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Karie said...

looks like you guys had so much fun, I am jealous. You look so good in that first pic.