Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mexican Birthday

The day after Ethan's birthday party, Shane, the boys, Shane's mom and dad, and I all went out after church to our favorite little Mexican restaurant here in town.

We love this place, and frequently go there on Sunday nights to take advantage of the "Kids Eat Free!" program. *grin*

The waiters at this place are the best....and they have gotten to know our boys and seem to really like them.

Then again....maybe they like all the kids that come in there. Who knows. But they just seem to be really, really friendly to my boys. I happened to mention to one of them that Ethan had turned two the day before, and after our meal, they all came out (seriously--there were like 9 of them!) and sang a Mexican rendition of Happy Birthday to Ethan. Complete with sombrero and everything!

Ethan wasn't all too excited about the singing....but once they placed that giant bowl of Fried Ice Cream in front of him, he brightened right up!

He seemed to really like the hat....
....and decided to play a quick game of 'peekie'....

....but certainly liked the ice cream best of all.

It was a great way to end a wonderful birthday weekend.


Julie said...

Ohh, Mexican! We love Mexican! Too bad we don't have a kids eat free one out here. If he wasn't too fond of the singing, but he didn't cry maybe you should start singing to him in Spanish?? (And on a side note, Brody has the exact same sweater, and he wore it for some of his second birthday happenings!)

Nancy said...

How sweet! I love the last picture...I could just hug him to pieces!!

I think we are going for Mexican Friday night for Valentine's with two other couples. Should be a fun night!!

Julie said...

I love Mexican food!! YUM!

So, Mamasita, did you inform them that it was also YOUR birthday a few days earlier, too???

I'd love to see some pictures with YOU in the sombrero!! LOL

(Maybe that's just me - I love getting the attention on my birthday. Which is weird, because I'm actually somewhat shy)

Robin Bair said...

he seriously rocks that hat. precious.