Thursday, February 2, 2012

Christmas Day

(Totally forgot to add this cute pic from the Christmas Eve I'm adding it here!)
By the way--that is a giant mint in Colin's mouth, in case you were wondering!

Christmas morning we got all dolled up again and headed back to church.

This smile of Lola's kills me!

Sweet Ethan and Cameron, in almost identical poses

Our friends' daughter matched Lola--and no, we didn't plan that! 
Had to snap a picture of the adorable little ladies.

Our adult choir sang a lovely cantata with several songs by Travis Cottrell (so that tells you how good they were!) After the music there was a bit of preaching--all to reflect the goodness of God to send His Son for us!

Some pictures by the tree after the morning service.
My mom, Lola and I

Our family

And one of Grandma Jane and the kids.

Then it was back home to open presents from Grandma Jane. 
The boys all got brand new backpacks (Ethan picked JETS green)....

 ....and brand new lunchboxes with their names on them!

Cameron chose a bright yellow backpack.
Just like his personality!
Then came the LEGOS!! A new, huge hit with our boys.

Daddy got an awesome new Adidas jacket from Grandma Jane, too.

Grandma got a big surprise--a new Keurig!

The boys also got Bears knit hats and matching gloves from Grandma.
Ethan, as usual, had to model his!

Then Grandma opened her favorite gift--a shutterfly calendar. 
She loves to get these each year.

Lola got a new PINK coat, a PINK lunchbox with her name on it, and what else? 
A PINK backpack!
It is not only me who thinks it is so much fun having a girl after three boys!

Remember that picture of the angel on the wrapping paper, with the flipped out hair?

After gift opening, we spent some time playing.
The boys and Grandma making crayons

This thing is really pretty cool, and a great use of old crayons!

It definitely held the boys' interest for several hours.

Lola decided to dress up....

....and there's that smile again!

Love this girl.

It was a tiring, fun-filled day and we loved every minute of it!


Amanda Hoyt said...

Merry Christmas! ;-)
Love y'all!