Friday, February 10, 2012

This week, I want to remember (2/6-2/10)

Monday, February 6

Laundry day.  Mounds and mounds and mounds and mounds of it. I know everyone has different ways of doing laundry, but I do it all in one day. Every Monday.

It's a lot. A LOT....
(this is two loads pictured, and I do about 8-10 each Monday)

But eventually, it was conquered and all was clean and spotless again in the laundry room.
For about seven minutes, anyway. *sigh*

Tuesday, February 7

Left the Lolee girl alone for about three minutes in the kitchen. 
Big mistake. 
Darn that salt container!

While I was tidying up my bedroom, we heard the 'this is just a test' weather siren. Actually, at that moment, I had my camera in hand and caught poor Ethan's immediate reaction. For some reason, he is all of a sudden terrified of tornadoes. It's a season all children go through, I'm sure--being scared of the weather.

I reassured him through the whole thing, but I know he was very relieved when that siren ended!

Lola found her new set of hat and gloves (I found them at Old Navy for her for next year
for .98 cents! Woot!) and decided to model them for me....but she couldn't figure out how
 to get them on right! I did what every mother would do:
put down my camera immediately and helped her
laughed at her and took pictures!

We colored some pictures and made some crayons....

....and then after lunch, Lola hit a milestone: she sat all the way through reading time.  It was the first time she has ever done that! We read for over 30 minutes and she did not try to move once! I was so proud of her.

Reading before the kids' rest time every day is something I have always done, since before Colin was Lola's age. I've been a bit worried because Lola just hasn't shown the interest in books the way her brothers always did. She doesn't like to sit for them, and usually just wanders around Ethan's room while I read to him.

But the last few days, she has seemed very interested...and maybe today, something inside her snapped! This reader Momma was so happy!

It always tickles me...the kids are never, ever tired....

....but they are both out in no time!

Wednesday, February 8

One of those absolutely tornado-like days. It was one chaotic event thing after another, and I truthfully don't even know where the day went--but I looked up and it was gone.  We did most of the normal things (and had great luck with Lo at reading time again!), but there was a definite touch of crazy added in for good measure.

No photos.  Booooooo.

A fun thing of note--I got my hair cut and highlighted! Love, love when I get to do that.

Thursday, February 9

Grocery store time!

Of course, it would fall on the coldest day of the week...but what must be done must be done!

On that note: I hate how long that takes! We left the house at 8:30, and by the time I got there (about a 25 minute drive for me), shopped, checked out, loaded the car, drove home, unloaded the kids, unloaded the groceries into the house, then put everything away--we were past lunchtime! And hungry kids mean grouchy kids. Whew.

That afternoon, we got some Valentine's Day cards and goodies from Grandma 'Nette and Grandpa! 
I think it is just the sweetest thing in the world that they do that for our kids. 

They were thrilled!

Ethan has been coughing more and more....he was so sweet at dinner when he prayed, "Dear Jesus....please help me to feel better soon."

I never want to forget that innocence. That sweetness.

Thank you, God, for my babies--and the lessons they teach me every day.

Friday, February 10

Friday morning, the older two requested their favorite for breakfast: keeny (zucchini) bread....

As much as Ethan usually loves keeny bread himself, this morning it apparently was not his number one choice. When I told him,
"Ethan, we're having keeny bread this morning!"
He replied,
"Mommy, would you like to hear the list of my favorite breakfast foods?"
Keeny bread didn't make the cut.

The younger two requested a bath after breakfast, and since I had some packing to do 
in my bedroom, I obliged! Baths are a very easy way to keep these two in one place and 
out of trouble for a good length of time!
(Yes....I have a purple tub. Long story--it was here when we'll
be gone when it's this room's turn for a remodel! One bathroom at a time!)

While in the bath, Ethan began examining his bruises.
" you know why I have all these marks on me?"
Me: "Why, buddy?"
E: "Because Colin and Cameron do damage to me when we are playing."

He also had to show me a 'new trick'.

My children definitely have different definitions of gaming.
Lola: Sesame Street Chutes and Ladders.....

....and Ethan: the Wii head. 

Ethan, after lunch: "Mommy....can I please play Mario Kart on the Wii?"
Me: "Yes, buddy. You've been a very good boy today."
Ethan, already focused on the task ahead (and no longer on the conversation, apparently):
"So have you, Mommy."
Distracted, much?

The boys came home from school and Colin began work on his Valentine's Cards for his classmates....I can't wait to share that with you next week!


Aim said...

Um so I literally laughed out loud when Ethan said his brothers 'do damage' to him when they play. HIL-ARIOUS!!! ;) Love that boy. All those boys and that sweet little girl for that matter.