Thursday, February 23, 2012

Valentines specialties

True to my sweet son's nature, Colin wanted to make his Valentines again this year.

So, I turned to Pinterest--a new love of mine!

We found this adorable idea that seemed very feasible for an eight year old. Colin loved it right away, and went to work just as soon as I could hit the print button.

We printed out the template pages, trimmed them up nicely, folded them.....

....and Colin began creating his portraits.

Each one matched their real life counterpart very well.


I was so proud of Colin....he worked so hard on each one of these!

He used true to life colors for hair, and even did some of the girls in curls because he told
 me that "that is how they do their hair when they want to be fancy."
{Grace, Ellie}

He even did one for his dear old Mommy.
{Notice the blond highlights and my favorite dangly earrings!}

He worked so hard and created 19 of these--one for each member of his class and one for his teacher and her aide.  I sure love that little guy and everything about him. He is such a special boy with a great heart, and he teaches me new lessons each and every day.