Friday, February 3, 2012

This week, I want to remember (1/30-2/3)

Monday, January 30

The kids spent the day playing with Ethan's new birthday toys!

 Lola was quiet and I found her like this. This girl loves her some things she shouldn't touch!

And, it was such a beautiful day....

....that we were able to get some outdoor time in, too!

We've sure been blessed with such a mild winter.
The kids have been outside more times than I can count.

Lola used her new dishes from Grandma Nette at dinner! She loved them.

Shane built Ethan his new train track so he would wake up to a nice surprise on his birthday!

Tuesday, January 31

It's Ethan's birthday! And Mommy's, too!

The boys woke up and decided to add to Ethan's track.

Banana nut muffins for breakfast! 
Special request of the birthday boy (and why we baked so many of them last week!)

Ethan was a little confused opening Gram's card (which contained a check)....

....until I told him what it was!

We played Candy Land, read lots of books, and did some learning time.

Then, in the middle of the day--I got flowers!
First, a bouquet of roses (Thank you Dad and Amy, they are absolutely lovely!) and then
a very colorful assortment containing one of my faves--Gerbera Daisies--from Shane.

Later that night, we went to dinner for our birthday and had a great time with our family.
The boys sat at the end of the table and had their own conversation.
Adults are boring.

My cousin Haley and Lolee girl. Haley is having a baby girl herself in just a few weeks!

Yummy cake!

Told you it was yummy.

Haley and I

Lola took her turns around the table sitting on laps.
First, it was Grandma Jane's turn....

Then it was Daddy's.

What a great birthday!

Wednesday, February 1

(How are we in the second month of the year already? Wha?)

It was Errand Day. I did a lot, lot, lot of things--but no pictures! :) Just one of those busy-keeping-the-house-running days.

Thursday, February 2

We woke up...and I was able to give the boys a lesson on fog.

Lola has been showing lots and lots of signs...and today was the day.  Underpants
We ditched the diapers and she did really well. Only one accident, which I thought was great. 
I kept her in undies and a robe only, for ease of dressing/undressing.  I had put her on the 
potty several times when I saw this:

then this....

....and then this!
She had ditched her clothes and climbed up there all by herself.
This girl never ceases to surprise me!

On the toilet note, when you turn five in our home, it means you start doing the deed all by yourself. And by doing the deed, I do mean the 'wiping' deed. So, between Ethan learning to wipe himself (and me checking him) and Lola going potty every 7.4 minutes (and wiping her), I think I washed hands (including Lola's, Ethan's, and my own) about 438 times. (All numbers approximate. Whew.)

Ethan played on his train again for what seemed like hours.....even Lola loved it!

Then the weather cleared up--it turned into a gorgeous day.... they kids were able to play outside again!

And, when the big boys got home from school, Ethan informed them:
"Guys. That bird saw his shadow." 

Friday February 3

My poor babies stayed home from school today. I wouldn't say they are "super" sick, but Col and Cam each have a cough that I didn't want to expose the other children to. 

We ran our poor nebulizer silly....but it seemed to really help.

Colin and I had this conversation:
Colin: "Mommy, I'm most like a monkey."
Now, to be fair, this absolutely came out of nowhere. I try really hard to respond to my children at all times, rather than reacting to them (I fail a lot, but I try!) but in this situation, I was at a loss.
Me: "Uh.....huh?"
Colin: "Well. Monkeys are wild. Monkeys are independent. Monkeys are loud. Monkeys are fast in trees. And monkeys are goofy."
Me, failing again: "Uh....o....kay."
(He later went on to explain that, in school, they are doing an art project where they have to choose an animal that they are most like, and do a project on it. Which helped, knowing that that conversation did not, in fact, come out of nowhere! It was a pretty funny few minutes of conversation.)

Sometimes...on days like today, it appears....a girl just has to get her Tinkerbell on.

We had another lovely "Family Night" at home.  We ate some Tombstone pizzas, picnic-style (a.k.a. in front of the TV--rare for us--and yes, I was feeling gourmet, thankyouverymuch) and watched Mr. Popper's Penguins! Cameron was so excited when he heard which movie I had chosen. His exact words were: "Mommy, Hayden and Waylon (schoolmates) both said that movie is so funny, and that the penguins in it pooter all the time!

Apparently, it takes nothing more than bodily functions to get laughs out of little boys! And, considering Shane was giggling quite a bit, it seems that some things never change!

We all really enjoyed it.


Amanda Hoyt said...

L.O.V.E.D. reading about all your recent memories :)
I was so happy to see L in alot of Madison's outfits. Sooo cute that Lolee girl!
Go Lola! Pottytraining like a champ!! So cool! Can she come over and encourage M?
love ya'll