Monday, April 14, 2008

Jok(st)ers #1 and #2

****"EDIT!!! Even if you read this post yesterday, you must read again! I had to come in here first thing this morning to edit it. I thought about just writing a new post....but since I just posted funnies yesterday, I decided to simply add to this one. The two things that came out of Colin's mouth yesterday and this morning were just too good not to add! See very bottom of post for the new additions!

Cameron has truly been hilarious this past week.

I don't know if it is the fact that he was sick the week before last and did nothing but lie around for like, 6 days, and now he just has all that extra energy and craziness bound up inside of him that has to come out, or what....but he has been in rare comedic form.

With all of the sickness floating around here lately, the phrase, "I don't feel good" has been said more times than I care to count in the last 3 weeks or so. Cameron was the first one sick, the first one to the doctor, and the first one to get better. So when I heard Cameron say this again a couple of mornings ago at breakfast, I (slightly) panicked. (Keep in mind that he took, like, 12 different medicines, and has been better for about a week and a half now.)

Cameron: "I not fee good, Mommy."
Me, apprehensively: "What?"
Cameron: "I not fee good, Mommy."
Me: "Oh really? (trying to downplay, here....) What hurts?"
Cameron: "My toe."
Me: "Your toe?"
Cameron: "My TOTE!"
Me: "Oh, your throat?"
Cameron: "Yes (nodding)."
Me, thinking....: "Cameron, show me where it hurts."
He then proceeds to point to his lower belly and say, "My TOTE, Mommy, My TOTE!"
Me, concealing my smile: "Well, we will just take it easy today, and I'm sure you'll feel better soon."
Cameron: "No Mommy....I need go goctor. I sick. I need medsin."
He looks at me, quite seriously for just a brief moment, then dissolves into giggles. "I not sick Mommy! Hee hee hee hee!"

Goodness gracious. This kid should be an actor someday. He is soooooo believable.

Some other funnies of late:

~Colin, rushing into my bedroom at about 7:15 this morning, exclaims loudly, "MOMMY!"
Me, groggily: "What, Col?"
Colin: "Do you see the sun shining brightly today?"
Me, taking the pillow off of my head, which reveals a bedroom that is flooded with sunlight: "Yes, Colin, I do. Very bright, and very sunny." Pillow then returns to it's original spot over my head.
Colin: "Mom, we can go outside today! The sun is shining so bright, and it is not at all bloomy out there!"
He was going for gloomy....which to me was funny that he even knew that word. I am certain he picked it up from me, but it was funny nonetheless.

~Colin has had terribly dry lips the last several days (all stuffy at night+an open mouth while sleeping=dry lips!) We were out to dinner a few nights ago, and I noticed he was licking his lips a lot. He is a big fan of some special lip stuff that I carry in my purse that tastes like vanilla....I figured his lips were bothering him, and I was just about to ask him if he needed some, when he turned to me and loudly proceeded to ask,
"Mommy, can I have some of the chuh.....cuh.....cruh....CRAPSTICK that is in your purse?"

Shane and I immediately died; I handed over my chapstick and made a mental note that that was definitely one for the blog.

~Cameron has this terrible habit right now of saying, "What?" whenever you say something to him.
"Cameron, come here please!"
"Cameron, don't do that please!"
"Cameron, time for rest!"

Doesn't matter what you say, he inevitably says "What?" at least one time. (By the way, he is hearing what we say....this just seems to be a habit he has formed.) It can be funny, but it can also be horribly annoying. And apparently, not only to me. The other day, Cameron was in the dining room at the table, doing a puzzle, and Colin was asking him to come out into the living room and play with him....

Colin: "Cameron, why don't you come out here and play with me?"
Cameron: "What?"
Colin: "I said, why don't you come out here and play with me?"
Cameron: "What?"
Colin (getting exasperated): "I said, come out here and play with me!!"
Cameron: "What?"
Colin: "Cameron, stop saying WHAT!!"
Cameron, quiet for a moment, responds: "What choo say?"

Needless to say, Colin gave up, and I quietly made another mental note after my giggling spell.

***New additions:
~Yesterday, Colin came out of my bedroom with his new flip-flops on. We just got them over the weekend, and any time he has been able to sneak into the bag that is in my bedroom to get them, he does...then he wears them around the house for a while, until he gets tired of them.

I had already dressed the boys, but Colin had taken off his socks to put the flip-flops on, and he was carrying the socks around with him in his hands. I told him that it wasn't time to wear his new shoes yet, and to please go put them back in the bag, and put his socks back on. To which he replied,

"Mom, I have a nail."

This is Colin's way of telling me he has a hang nail that needs to be trimmed. I took a closer look at his feet, and discovered that sure enough, one of his toenails was dangerously know, the kind that, if snagged, could do some serious damage? One of those. Anyway, I told him I would trim the nail up for him, and then he would be able to put his socks back on.

Except, I walked away, got sidetracked, and then forgot all about it.

A few minutes later, I noticed that Colin's socks still weren't on--and he was still carrying them around with him in his hands. I pointed it out, and he then in turn pointed out that "he had a nail." I remembered, and said I would trim it.

Except, I walked away, got sidetracked, and then forgot all about it. Again.

Another few minutes go by, and my poor, patient Colin again points out his toe issues to me. He was still holding his socks! Exasperated with myself for still not handling the need of my poor child, I stopped what I was doing and we went straight to the bathroom to clip all of his toenails.

As I was clipping, Colin and I were making conversation....I should have known better, because his feet were somewhat close to my mouth. (He was on the counter, holding his foot up so that I could see what in the world I was actually cutting off. I've learned that lesson the hard way....)

All of a sudden, one of the nails that I had clipped flew straight into my mouth as I was talking! Talk about gross! So, I immediately started trying to spit it out.

Me: "Puh puh puh!" (That's the best I could come up with to simulate a spitting sound)
Colin: "Mom, why are you spitting all over me!?"
Me, finally having gotten the nail out: "Colin, I am so sorry. It's just that one of your nails flew into my mouth while I was talking, and I had to spit it out quickly!"
Colin, quite matter-of-factly: "Yeah, mom.....toenails are dirty, and that's gross."

~Then, just this morning, (sunny and beautiful AGAIN here today, thank you Lord!) Colin comes in my room, and we are discussing the events of the morning. You know....what we are going to do today, if we have any errands to run, and so on. Don't you routinely have that sort of conversation with your 4 year old?

Colin was once again alluding to wanting to go outside. Now, let me back up one minute. We don't have cable TV here at our usually, the way I figure out what the weather is going to be like for that day is to look out a window, or, open the door to see how warm it is. Some days, I will actually look on the computer....but mostly, I just use the "arm out the door" method. It usually doesn't fail me.

Colin says to me, "Mom, when daddy was leaving just now, I stuck my arm out the door to see how warm it was."
Me: "Oh, yeah? How warm was it?"
Colin: "Mom, it was warm! I think we can go outside today!"
Me, knowing from actually checking the weather this time that it IS supposed to be about 60 and gorgeous here today: "Yes, Colin, it is going to be a really nice day today. Warm, and sunny! We certainly will be going outside!"
Colin: "Well, I don't know the exact it supposed to be in the fifties, or in the ten-dies?"

I will say it again. Oh, my goodness gracious. What these children come up with!!

Thank you Lord, for a house filled with laughter!!


Julie said...

FUNNY FUNNY STUFF! I'm inspired to write a short post of funnies from the last few days now...

. said...

I really need to get better at writing down the silly things they say and do. This was so cute!

junglemama said...

How cute. I love the fun things kids say!

Your family is beautiful.

Kara said...

Okay, our boys so need to get together! I think they are telepathically sharing things with one another anyway! Too funny!

Anonymous said...

Funny stuff!
The other day G pulled the hood of my sweatshirt over my head, and very matter-of-factly said, "Good, now you look like a woman." ?!? Where did he get that from? I have no idea, but I just about fell over laughing.


(I sent you an e-mail to the address on this blog...)