Wednesday, May 7, 2008

And the winner is.....

She was the first one (but not the only one) to correctly guess the birth order in the baby pictures!

It was:

#1. Cameron

#2: Ethan (I thought this one would be a no brainer, simply because E was the only one born with hair, but apparently the hair wasn't that apparent in the picture so it was still a tricky one!)
#3: Colin
Also, big props go to Julie, Aimee, Karie, Shelley, and Grandma MJ for knowing the right answers, even though you weren't the first guess!


Homegrown Tribe said...

Yeah! I never win! :) They are ALL ADORABLE! Isn't it amazing how similar they can look in the beginning.


Unknown said...

ok so even though you didn't ask I am going to tell you anyway how I got the right answers. I knew #1 was cam because of the line on his head? I remembered that from when he was born. I knew ethan because of his nose and fingers for some reason. maybe it's cause he wasn't a baby all that long ago. and I figured it was colin because the pic was darker and I figured it was a different camera. not to mention the fact that he was the only one left. ok I am done now.
I told kari it looks like the cabin is good to go. I think we are going for the whole week so however long you guys want to go is fine.