Friday, May 2, 2008


The April 2008 Installment

~Colin comes into the bathroom, where I am getting ready.
Colin: "Mom, I have to go potty." (Why do both of my boys feel the need to annouce this every time they go?) He then gets on potty and starts going.

After a couple of seconds I asked, "Do you feel better buddy?"

"Not yet Mom...."
Tinkle, tinkle....
Tinkle, tinkle.....

"Aaaaaaaaaah, now I feel better."


~Colin was sitting quietly one day at lunch. This is absolutely unusual, by the way--normally, he and Cameron are carrying on a conversation a mile a minute. I could tell he was pondering something, but I didn't say anything.....I knew he would ask me when he was ready. Nothing could have quite prepared me for what he actually asked.

He turned to me and said,
"Mommy, are you a spring chicken?"

I had no answer for him.....


~Shane, to me, as he is walking out the door to go to work: "Bye, honey!"
Cameron, from the kitchen: "Bye, baby!"


~I noticed one morning that Colin was clearing his throat a lot. So, I asked him, "Col, what's the matter, buddy?"

Colin: "I'm just having some serious coughing issues."


~I came into the living room one morning to find Colin almost on top of Ethan, practically pinning him down. I couldn't tell what he was doing, until I heard Colin say,

"Ethan, hold still. I know this hurts, but I have to get these crusties out of your eyes."

And he did.


~The other day was grocery shopping day. Yes, I do it with all three of them. And, yes, it takes a long time.

Many times, Shane goes with me, and we have sort of a 'family grocery shopping event'; believe it or not, we fill two carts to the brim. But those are our BIG shopping days, when I am shopping for 3-4 weeks worth of meals. This one was just a quick one, only about a page worth on my list to get.

Colin wanted to go outside that morning. Big surprise there....anyway, I told him that it was a quick shopping day, and that we would only be gone for a little while. I said that when we got home, there would still be plenty of time left before lunch, reading time, and rest for him to go outside and play.

Colin, who has gotten used to going on these 2 hour major shopping trips, thinks that over for a moment; then turns to me and says,

"Mom, realistically, I just don't think that is actually going to happen."


~We treated ourselves last weekend to a family night out with my Mom at Monical's Pizza (sorry Dad, I know you are salivating....)

We had gotten our pre-pizza food--you know, the breadsticks and salad, drinks, and all that kind of stuff, and were getting all the boys situated with all they needed. (That can be a task in itself, huh moms?) We noticed, however, that the waitress had forgotten to bring us one of our salad dressings, so we called her over to the table and asked her for it. She left, retrieved the dressing, and brought it to our table.

"Is there anything else I can get for you? Anything else you need?" she asked me.

I replied, "No thanks, I think we are good now!" and she started to walk away. That's when Cameron, who was intently watching this interaction with the waitress, piped up from his seat:

"Yes, we need our PIZZA!"


~And, one that is not a funny, but just sooooo sweet, and I want to remember it:

Colin, saying his prayers a few nights ago, was done, and had said, "In Jesus' name....." and stopped. Then, he said (as if it were an afterthought), "And thank you for my Mom. My sweet Mom. Who is so pretty. In Jesus' name, amen."

He got an extra big hug that night....


~We went out for some mexican food a few nights ago. It was de-lish. :-) One of my favorite places.....anyway, as we were loading up the boys back into the van, Colin got a funny look on his face.

"What is it, Col?" I said.

Colin, after a long pause: "Mom, I almost threw up just now. I burped, and it came up in my mouth. And it was all over in there. It wasn't very was yucky."


~Colin was putting on his socks this morning, and grabbed one of several pairs that are in his drawer that I hate--they are soooo huge on him, it is ridiculous. They have just gotten so stretched out because he pulls them up to his knees when he puts them on. They're ankle socks, crew style. I keep meaning to throw them away, but then the bargain hunter inside of me says things like "Well, maybe I'll rummage them....." or "I should just put them away until he gets a little bigger, and then they will fit him...." and so, they never make it to the trash can.

Colin knows how much I hate these socks, because every time he puts them on, he ends up taking them off and getting another pair midway through the day because they bug him so much, and I end up saying something to the effect of, "I hate those socks."

So, he grabs these socks, and we do our usual, "Take those socks off and get another pair, Col. Those are too big on you."

To which he says to me, "Mom, maybe instead of always having to take these socks off to get another pair, we could just take them back to the lady at the store? We could say, 'Excuse me, Lady? Lady? I mean.....Excuse me, Ma'am? We just need to tell you that we can't use these socks for our kids anymore, because they are waaaaaay too big for their feet.' And, then, we could just get some different pairs so I don't always have to change out of those ones."


Audrea said...

You have no idea how much I needed those laughs! Thank you so much for sharing the delicious joy! You have one crazy bunch!

Unknown said...

Man dev can you tell that colin hangs around you all the time! he sounds just like you with his wording! too funny.
haven't heard from or seen you guys in a while! Miss all of you!

Kara said...

Okay we seriously have to get together. Colin and Caden sound so much alike! I love it!

Julie said...

Once again, you do not disappoint with the funnies!!!

Spring hilarious is that??