Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Prison or Jail? Those are, apparently, your only options

I have, in the past, briefly discussed with our boys the difference between our local county jail and prison. They understand the basic aspect that jail is for when you do something bad, and prison is for when you do something really bad.

This morning, in the car on the way home, I was discussing with Colin that, in school, you have to raise your hand when you want the teacher's attention, or when you need to ask her a question.

Me: "So, if the teacher is in front of the classroom, and she is teaching a lesson to the class, and you have a question about what she is saying, what should you do?"

Colin: "Raise my hand and say, 'Mrs. W_____' ..... and then ask her my question."

Me: "That's right Col. Very good."

There was a brief pause, and then:

Colin: "So, what happens when you don't raise your hand?"

Before I could begin explaining to him about the 'name on the chalk board' scenario, Cameron quickly piped up:

"Then you would go to jail, Colin."

Me, stifling a giggle: "No, Cameron, you wouldn't go to jail for not raising your hand!"

Cameron, in a hushed, panicked whisper: *GASP* " would go to prison Colin!"


Karie said...

Too funny. I love it.
How was your (his) first day?

Julie said...

Bahh-haaa! That made me laugh out loud!! Too funny, your kids are so cute!

And the picture of E holding the 'baby' too precious!

Amanda Hoyt said...

Your boys are the cutest!

Kathy said...

And to think, you haven't even gotten to the subject of 'parole,' yet. :)

Too cute!

Unknown said...

ok. just laughed on this one. wouldn't surprise me. I usually get a kick out of what's going on in Cam's brain. too cute!

Kara said...

That is great. Carter kept asking me today, Where is Caden? At school? What is school? Too cute!

Julie said...

That's so funny!! I wish I could have seen the expression on Cameron's face when he said that.

Leanne said...

Laughter bubbled up in my tummy after I read this!!!!

So fab!

Yeah, can't wait to hear their take on parole!