Tuesday, February 23, 2010

When are these appropriate? Depends on whom you ask

Two nights ago, at dinner:


A semi-loud pooter* had just sounded from the chair next to Mommy.

*pooter=Merritt word for 'gas' noises

Cameron: "Excuse me."

Cameron, Colin, and Ethan proceed to dissolve into very loud giggles.

Mommy: "Boys, stop it. It's not funny."

Shane: "Babe, he said 'excuse me'."

Mommy: "I understand that....but it still isn't funny at the dinner table."

Cameron, under his breath: "Yeah, well.....it's funny in our bedroom."


Mindy said...

I often wonder why kids find this so funny....but his comment is funny =)

Nancy said...

Hilarious! Sounds exactly like conversations we have had at our dinner table. Oh, the joys of mothering boys!! :)

Julie said...

I guess you should never have dinner with my family then. Not only is there generally a lot of "pootering" going on, but also belching and lots of snickering and talk about bodily functions. And to think much of that comes from my little GIRLS. *sigh*

Also, I have to note that the first time I read that, I thought you wrote that SHANE said "Yeah, well...it's funny in our bedroom." I nearly wet my pants.

Just sayin'.

Jenny said...

So funny!! Oh, what we mom of boys have to put up with;)!

The Boe's ~ said...

Exactly....I try to tell my 3 boys to go to the restroom to do it, but its kinda hard when at the dinner table....haha! =) Now you have a little girl who (hopefully) won't be doing that and she'll be on YOUR side with these kinds of things....we hope!! lol

Unknown said...

um. just so you know. we are doing bed time routine right now and we both just read this and are dying! really. it is funny and especially when a cute little boy thinks it's hilarious. oh and rog wants to know if shane was laughing too. Rog said he totally would have been and I would have been the exact same way.