Friday, February 26, 2010

Name calling or being descriptive?

Cameron, playing Wii basketball against a character (a Mii) that was made to look like Chewbacca:

"Oh, this is a mess. It's a mess, Mama! I am so discouraged!"

That, to me, was funny in and of itself, but I nearly died when I heard what came next.

"Cameron, what's the matter? Why are you discouraged?" I asked.

"Because the fathead is so hard and I can't beat him."

{Though we did talk later about how we never, ever call another person names, I couldn't even correct him on this one. He wasn't name calling, I discovered, he was just....being descriptive. That Mii has a giant, giant head....}


Julie said...


Unfortunately, sometimes "being descriptive" can backfire. Like when you see a really *unusual* looking person and your kid points it out. LOUDLY. SEVERAL TIMES.

Not that MY little angels have ever done that. *snort*

I did let Jib tell a girl with tattoos, a nose ring (like a bull ring, not like a cute little stud in the nostril) AND bright blue hair that she was pretty last weekend. Which wasn't quite the descriptive word I would have used, but I digress...

The Swenson Family :) said...

LoL!!! Mason plays this game with Uncle "Map" where Matt takes Mason's stuffed piggy and makes the piggy talk. Well....they started this thing where Mason calls the pig some other animal and the 'piggy' flips out. Well we keep doing it because Mason LAUGHS AND LAUGHS when Matt does that.

Anyways...Mason calls the piggy a chicken ALL the time. LoL I'm just waiting for him to call someone else a chicken who really knows that its an insult. LoL

Robin Bair said...

that's hilarious

Carolyn said...