Monday, February 1, 2010

Fine Literature

Conversation tonight at dinner:

{This conversation needs to be prefaced by the fact that yesterday, Ethan received a couple of new Thomas the Train movies from Grandma Jane for his birthday. One was titled "James goes Buzz, Buzz"--a story where one of the trains gets 'stung' by a bee on his nose. Cameron and Colin both instantly recognized that movie by the picture of James on the cover with a red, swollen nose. They know the story because we have checked out and read the book version from the library several times in the past.}

Ethan: "Daddy, I watched my Thomas movie while you were gone!"

Shane: "Really? Which one did you watch?"

Ethan: "James goes Buzz, Buzz. He got stung by a bee, Daddy. On his nose."

Cameron: "Yeah. That one's a classic."


Amber E. Berkoski said...

I love the way our children come to interact. It's as if they grow into these mini-adults and talk to each other like you'd talk to a friend. Amazing.

Robin Bair said...

i love your kids. :) you must be one of the proudest mommas.

Julie said...

Cameron rivals ME when it comes to comedic timing. LOL

I seriously have got to just have a conversation with your kids sometime.

Can you imagine getting your kids and my kids together? Serious laugh-fest would totally ensue.