Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hello? Helllllllllllo? Are you there?

I'm still here.

I feel like it's been forever since I blogged.

In reality, it's only been a week!

We've been sooooooo busy around here....with the arrival of Spring comes many, many projects--and with a newborn (and three very busy boys) said projects get done about half quarter speed.

Or less.

In the last seven days,
I have:

cleared the Winter clothes out (times SIX)--put some in the rummage pile and some in storage,
got the Spring clothes back out of the storage tubs and into our closets/drawers.
What. A. Job.
Every mother knows what I'm talking about.
A twice-yearly most dreaded project, no? Just me? *sigh*

We have:

done a ton of landscaping, including adding a huge new flower bed and lots and lots of new shrubs/trees/flowers. It was done with a "no-maintenance" idea behind it, since--well, you know--I have so much time on my hands these days for things like watering/weeding a flower bed. Shane's really into the whole "do things right the first time" thing, which takes for dang ever. I, of course, know that it is better in the long run....but this project alone took up three entire days!

We have:
started on our garden. Yay!

Shane has:
worked--a lot--and managed to accomplish 90% of my "Honey-Do" list.
I love this man.

I have:
gotten lots and lots of junk things we no longer need cleared out of the house for our upcoming rummage sale, silently praying over it as I go that it will return to me a decent portion of what I originally paid for it.

We have:
Thoroughly cleaned our garage, and worked on some organization in there. That's a never ending project, actually....

I have:
Gone a little cuckoo over a crazy new hobby of mine called couponing. I've been watching my friend Shelly go bonkers over 'getting great deals' for a few weeks now, and I decided to attempt my hand at it.
I sat back.
I read 'deal blogs'.
I tried to figure it all out.
And then, this week, I dug in and went for my very first deal. I came out of CVS with almost $48 of merchandise for a measly nine bucks. I spent nine bucks....and felt like a million! I've since gotten unbelievable deals at nearly robbed Walgreens blind--twice--and CVS once more as well!
You can probably expect to hear me talk about this a bit more in the coming weeks--it's pretty exciting.

I could go on about all the stuff we've been doing.

I won't.

Suffice it to say, the Merritt's are busy.

But that's to be expected--we're all busy at this time of year, right?

Hold the line--we'll be back to our regularly scheduled posts soon....


Kara said...

Missing you friend, but we have been busy too! Busy and sick, sick kiddos just keep making the rounds here:)

I totally hear you on the seasons and clothes thing...that takes FOREVER!!! My mom is coming tomorrow for a few days to help me get the rest done and maybe start a project or two!

I might have to have a few tutorials on this couponing...I have a friend here who does it, but I just can't seem to find the time! How do you do it? Maybe we can squeeze in a phone call tutorial :)maybe:)

Love you, K

Theresa said...

I am so in LOVE with couponing I can't stand it. I wish County Market had better deals sometimes because that's my preferred store but the best deals are elsewhere of course. I frequently read and The deals these girls have sometimes are ridiculous!! I'm not a professional like them by any means but hoping to get there some day!

Good to see a post from you btw! I was having my Merritt family withdrawals!

Becky said...

I HATE switching the closets....HATE IT HATE IT!!! Still haven't done it. **sigh**

I got in the couponing thing last year....had to buy a new cabinet to store all my loot....then summer hit....3 kids, busy schedules and I fell off the wagon. The stuff is gone. I have a TON of coupons waiting to be organized and there they still sit. My issue....I live 20-30 minutes from all to do the frequent CVS and Walgreen's trips to make it work just doesn't work. So I try to buy a lot of the things our grocery store and Target have on sale....seems to be working but it's not quite as exhilarating as walking out of CVS with out of pocket costs of an amazing $9. WAY TO GO!!! :)

Holly said...

I'm into the couponing thing too. My best was just last week I spent $80 at Publix, but saved $56. My best yet! There's a blog I follow, couponqueeny at She's got great deals she posts on there all the time. Have fun!