Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day "Tea"

Thursday afternoon, I was invited to Colin's school for a very lovely afternoon--a "Mother's Day Tea".

I have to tell you--it was so, so special.

When I dropped Colin off at school that morning, I said:

"Colin? Is there anything special I need to do before I come this afternoon?"

And, he replied:

"Yes, Mom....could you please wear a dress? Or, a skirt would be okay, too!"


So, at two o'clock, I showed up all decked out in a new dress--just for my Colin.

We snapped a picture....

and then the program began with an introduction.

The children recited a poem, sang a song, and then Colin told why he loves his Mommy:

Next, we read a wonderful little book entitled, "Five Minutes' Peace" about a Mommy elephant's desire for five minutes to herself. Soooo cute...and got a lot of laughs from all of the Mommies!

Lastly, the children sang a song (which was a very familiar tune with Mother's Day words!)

Awwww....I love you too, Buddy!

I got a "corsage" and a gift:
Some yummy bath salts.

And I shall NEVER tell him that I can't use bath salts because they cause me to have terrible asthma attacks.

Then, today when I picked him up from school, he handed me another hand-made gift.

{Mother's Day card, flowers with hand-painted pot, and my 'corsage' from yesterday}

I loved every minute of the Tea, and I'm so appreciative of Colin and the work he did (with his class and his wonderful teacher) to make the last two days so special for me.

He's such a sweet kid.

And I'm so lucky to be his Momma.


Kara said...

How sweet! I too got a great "corsage", picture, card, etc. I am thankful Caden's teacher thought of it!

You are one great Momma...Happy Mother's Day friend, enjoy your day!

Amanda Hoyt said...

So sweet! Love him :)
Great gifts too (wink)

Julie said...

SO SO SO precious! I love the last video when he looks at you several times and grins.

Seriously SO excited for our trip in a few weeks.