Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tattletales and Confessions


Little feet come closer.




And, they've found me.

Colin and Ethan.

"Mom!" Colin says. "Ethan was just playing with your....your Clari....your face thingy, you know--the thing that you use to wash your face?!"

Me: "My Clarisonic?"

Colin: "Yes, your clar-y-sonic."

Me, to a guilty-looking three year old: "Ethan, were you playing with Mommy's Clarisonic?"

Ethan: "Um....Uuuuummmm...."

Me: "E-than...."

Ethan, sheepishly: "Yes."

I bent down to his level and looked him straight in the eyes.

"Ethan, you know that you are not supposed to play with that. Don't touch it anymore, okay?"

Ethan, looking quite relieved that this was the 'end' of the reprimand: "Yes. I won't Mommy. I won't!"

Colin, incredulously: "Mommy! So....he's not going to get in trouble? Not for playing with your clar-y-sonic?"

Me: "No, I told him not to touch it again. If he touches it again, then he will be directly disobeying me--and then he will be in trouble."

Colin: "Oh! Okay....well then....I just need to tell you that....I was playing with it too."


Unknown said...

HAAHAHAHAHA HOOOO MAN! ok. thought it was coming but after reading realized how humorous that was. so sorry. I have plenty of stories over here myself but I can TOTALLY see and hear him saying the first part, shrugging in agreement, liking what you had to say and then letting you know he was in on it too. oh that just about made my night. And i thought cheese fries and a shake would make me night. ;)

Nancy said...

LOL!!!! Confession is good for the soul! :)

Julie said...

Oh my goodness. That is probably one of the cutest stories EVER. LOL

Kara said...

This seriously had me chuckling out loud! So funny! We seriously need to write a book some day!

Amber E. Berkoski said...

I always, literally, laugh out loud at your posts. Just wanted you to know I genuinely enjoy hearing about your boys as they grow. Let's hope they don't gang up on you too much!

Brittany said...

Well, that's just down right hilarious!