Tuesday, June 15, 2010

CVS deal (below) just got better!

Just found a sweet rebate online for the Schick razor!!

It is for the full purchase price, before coupons.

I bought it for $8.97...

(minus my $4 coupon, and I got back $4 Extra Bucks, making the razor .97!)

...and when I send in the rebate, I'll get $8.97 CASH back!

Making that $27 I spent come down to $18...with $24 Extra Bucks back!

They paid me $6 to take everything in that photo below home--what a sweet deal!

I *heart* you, CVS!!


Julie said...

Alright, so I've finally gotten online and located a CVS. The closest one is about 30 minutes from me, but if I can start saving like that, it might be worth my while....