Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Right NOW

So much to talk about.

Kindergarten Graduation. T-Ball. Grapesters softball. A great new recipe. Couponing love.

But for now....

We're taking some time out for some backyard swimming (and sunning)....

Lolee girl
(I mean, seriously. I'm not biased or anything, but....
Is there anything on the planet cuter than this girl?)

Col--big diiiiiiiiive in a little pool
(Name that movie reference)

E Ry, following Col's lead


Cam--big jump, big splash

My babies. Not so much babies anymore, are they?

My baby!!
Hope you are enjoying this beautiful day!!


Karie said...

She is so beautiful--- I love it!

Shelly said...

they are all precious but there is something special about having a sweet little baby!

also, tommy boy? big may in a little coat? =)

Shelly said...

ack! man! not may! =)

Amanda Hoyt said...

Lolee Girl is just so adorable!! I LOVE her nose :)

Also, I LOVE your backyard. I'm sure your awesome husband built all that decking, right? Can he hop a plane to TX for a while?? :)

Julie said...

I think I might have some diving pics similar to that...LOL

Did you ever figure out of that denim hat would fit Lola yet? I'm thinking that it would be big for a while yet, right?