Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Graduate

As surely as I feel like I just wrote this post about my anxieties of sending Colin off to Kindergarten.... I am writing that my oldest baby has graduated and is now, officially, a first grader!

This is going to be how it is from now on, isn't it?

Time, slow down. Please and thank you.


We had a wonderful ceremony for Colin's class.

Cameron and Ethan watched intently,
knowing that they will take their turn in no time at all....

Col, making sure Mommy and Daddy are watching the program :)

Turning the tassels...

The graduate!

Mrs. W. and the class made a very special project.
All of the children drew what they believed to be accurate representations of
themselves *grin* and Mrs. W. screened all of their drawings onto a pillowcase....

....along with a special saying:
Now I lay me down to sleep.
I count these friends instead of sheep.
I'll think about how the year did pass,
in my Catlin Grade School Kindergarten Class.
Isn't that so sweet!

Colin's depiction of himself

I love his drawing, but much prefer the live version!

E Ry and Camburger had to take turns with the grad cap

And while Mommy helped pass out drinks, cake, and snacks, Daddy did the baby juggling.
(And, if you are an outnumbered-by-your-children parent, you
know that the word 'juggling' is completely and totally accurate.)

Thanks to my friend Kristy, who gave me the wonderful idea for these babies!
I *heart* her.
Everyone loved these!

Especially Ethan. This was his answer to my question of,
"How many of the chocolate hats have you eaten, E Ry?"
{I still don't know if I believe him....}

Colin with his teacher, Mrs. W.
Thank you God, for giving us such a wonderful teacher
to ease us into the schooling experience!

With his proud parents....

...and then the whole family!
And yes, Lola does look like she wants to run away!

Dear Colin:

Someday, when you are graduating eighth grade, and then high school, and then college, I will look back on this post, cry, and not believe you were ever this little. I will miss these days of your childhood, when life seemed much simpler...but I will remember this day, the day of your Kindergarten graduation, with such happiness.

You did wonderfully this year: excelling in many areas, helping your teacher and your fellow classmates, and being a good example for Christ. I want you to know how proud your Mommy is and has always been of you, and how I pray everyday for the man you are becoming (and for the girl who will one day steal your heart away....)

I love you, Colin. Daddy loves you. You have made us the happiest parents-of-a-Kindergartner there ever was. Congratulations on this big day!

With so much love,
Mommy and Daddy


Julie said...

Awesome! Love the pillowcase - what a fun idea from the teacher. And the graduation cap chocolates? A-DOR-A-BLE!!

BTW, in the pic of Col right under his "self-portrait" Colin looks JUST like Shane. I also noticed that both you and Lolee girl had plaid bottoms on. Way to coordinate, Momma!!

You know I had to skim through your letter to Col so I wouldn't cry, seeing as how Bubber will be graduating in two years. ACK!!

Brittany said...

First of all, the spiked up red hair against the cap is C.U.T.E.!!!!

Second, the pillow case is a super cool idea!