Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My kid is smarter than your kid

Just when you think you are really doing a bang up job of teaching your children, they say things like:

{Cameron, during our 'learning time'}
"Ethan!  Ethan. It's like this: one plus one equals two.  And, ten plus ten equals twentyAND, "K" plus "K" equals "L"."

{Or, Colin}
Looks at our very large hydrangea bush, and, as serious as can be, holds out his hand in 'stop formation' and says:

{Or, Ethan, upon trying something 'new' to him (a ham and cheese omelet) and being asked how he liked it}
"Ummm...I have to get used to it. It makes me shake a little bit."

And I'm left wondering: did someone put something in our water today?


Unknown said...

oh it all just makes me laugh!!!!! Love those boys!!!!

Mindy said...

FUNNY --- that last one made me laugh out loud. =)