Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bowling cake and presents!

The morning of Ethan's birthday, Daddy stopped and got a doughnut for the big boy.
 I cringed; but being the good sport I am (ahem) I put some birthday candles on it and we sang 
yet another rendition of "Happy Birthday" to our now official four-year-old!

I would like to publicly state that this is not my idea of a well-balanced, healthy breakfast.

But my carb/sweet lover really enjoyed it.

I mean tremendously.


Later that morning, Shane got to work on Ethan's cake.  Can anyone guess, based on the pre-birthday activity, what kind of cake E wanted for his big day?

If you guessed a bowling are correct!

Now, I am the cook/baker in our family, but Shane has a real knack for the technical stuff.  I had the idea of what I wanted for the cake--which was a near perfect match of Shane's idea--but I had no idea how in the world I would be able to pull something like that off.

So, big Daddy pulled out his tools and got to work, drawing a template of a bowling pin.

He compass-ed, ruler-ed, measured and technical-ized that thing to death.
{I would like to publicly state for the record that this is not my area.
I would have never been able to do this!}

Just call him 'Cake Boss', folks.

He found various circular pieces in my kitchen to find the right sizes, 
according to his dimensions, to cut out for the layers.

Then, he leveled....

...and dry fit the bottom of the pin.
I would also like to publicly state that this was all under my close direction and supervision, of course. 

Then, it was time to fit the pieces together for real!

  We frosted in between each layer, and Shane shaved the layers to form the pin.

Then, he began to form the top.

He threaded a straw down the middle of the cake (for stability) and then we started to frost!

After the bottom of the pin was done, it was onto the ball.
A chocolate ball, of course.

Time to add the top of the pin!

While Shane and I were adding the finishing touches to the cake,
Ethan was opening some presents from Grandma MJ, Mommy, and Daddy.
He had lots of help!

Everyone always says how much Ethan and Lola look alike...I really see it in this picture!

Grandma Jane got the older two boys a little something too--a couple of new superheroes!
There were so excited.

Ethan got a new set of Mario Kart sheets. Per his request, they were washed and on his bed the next day!

And, since it was my birthday, too--I got to open a few things!

Lola was a good helper :) and I opened a new pink and black Addidas running pant set--something I've been asking for for a while, now! Yay! (Come on, warmer weather, so I can wear it!)

It was a great night.
Ethan's bowling cake turned out to be a real success, thanks to Shane.
E told us he wanted to gobble up the whole thing!

 {I'm certain he couldn't have done it....but he would have tried really hard!}


rickaren said...

I LOVE that cake-- how sweet to see so much effort into the birthday boy's request. Loved it!

Aim said...

WOW! I must say, one attempt at a princess cake and off you go making bowling cake and aHUGE cupcake! next you two will be starting your own cake business. ;) ok. maybe after a bit. ;)love it!!!

Julie said...


I guess it's a good thing I didn't see this until AFTER Ande and Jillian's birthdays. I can just see Ande wanting to build a groundhog cake. LOL