Monday, February 21, 2011

Oh, be careful little mouth, what you say (and, apparently--HOW you say it)

Today, Colin and I were reading some Henry and Mudge books. We got done with a story about kittens--who happened to be named after some of the planets--and this conversation ensued:

Colin: "Oh! Venus! My reading buddy lives on Venus."

Me, taken aback: "What's that? Your who does what now?"

Colin: "My reading buddy. Lives on Venus."

Now, this is the first I've heard of such a thing as 'his reading buddy'.

Me: "Your reading buddy? Who is that?"

Colin: "His name is Jack. He's a lobster."

I sat and just stared, squinty-eyed and a bit open-mouthed, at Colin. I hear a lot of wacky things each day, but this conversation was getting weirder by the second, and just caught me a little more off guard than usual.

A reading buddy. Named Jack. Who is a lobster. And lives on Venus.


Colin could tell I wasn't picking up what he was laying down.

He opens his mouth and does 'the slow speak'.

"Moooooooom. At schoooooool. I have this reeeeeeading buddy. His name is Jaaaaack. He is a loooooobster. He lives on Veeeeenus and sometimes goes to Mer...Mer-ker-ee to warm up. 'Cause Mer-ker-ee is warmer than Venus, you know?  And trust me.  You'd really like him! He's niiiiiiiiice."

I burst into giggles.

Me: "Colin, why on earth are you talking like that?"

Colin: "Well, usually when Cameron doesn't understand things, you talk really slow and make your, or.....or something....I just thought if I did that too, it might help you understand about Jack a little better!"


Anonymous said...

Grandma Nette got a laugh out of it!

Amanda Hoyt said...

That is tooooo funny!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

OH NOW THATS GREAT AND SUPER FUNNY!!!!!!!! LOVE IT! and to think he thinks thats how you get it by talking sllloooowwwwwwww

Brittany said...

Is his reading buddy a beanie baby? That's what Southwest has for their K class.

Your kids constantly make me laugh. I can't imagine the giggles you get every day! It's good that you blog them so you don't forget them.

JMB said...

Love it, that is so funny. I do that squinty-eye thing at Sophie, often, because she usually just starts talking about something totally out of context. And I just have to look at her for a moment, like 'huh??', until my brain catches up to where hers might be. I'm surprised she doesn't use slow-speak on me...maybe she should...maybe that would help me keep up with her!