Friday, September 23, 2011

We've left the TEEN months

My sweet girlie has left her teen months.

Today, she turned 20 months old.

She is doing and saying so many things. I thought about listing all the words she says, but it literally changes daily. The list would be very long, and I'm sure I would still forget so many....suffice it to say that she is speaking very well, and has more words in her vocabulary than I remember any of the boys having at this age!

She also understands very well. She follows even two and three step commands when we give them to her. {She must take after her father in that, because everyone knows how much I like to follow given directions!} Every mother says it about their child, but she just seems exceptionally smart!

She no longer sleeps in her standard position--she has a new wacky spot every night. It's fun to go in after she has fallen never know what you're going to find!

She loves to dance, and proceeds to show off whenever music comes on. 
{Even hymns in church--now that is some funny stuff.}

She has the funniest, cutest expressions. And you never know when you're going to see them!

She runs to the door when Shane gets off work hollering, "Daaaaaadeeeeee!" Talk about cute. 
She loves him, and he loves her even more--a special bond there for sure.

She has lots of hair in the back, but hardly any on the sides of her head! 
Enough for our favorite, though--PIGGIES!!

She. Has. Attitude.

She is loud. Like, supersonic loud. (I have no idea where she gets that from.) Instances this would include would be: screaming when she doesn't get her way; screaming (screeching?) when someone is trying to take a toy or other beloved object from her grasp; screaming when she is excited about something; yelling for Mommy to come and get her from her crib in the morning; or yelling "Guys! Guyyyyys!" at her brothers, when she wants their attention.

She loves to support her Salt Fork Storm soccer-playing brothers!

She lu-hu-huuuuuvvvvs Nutella. 
Also just like her mother.

Recently, she discovered that she can skip the whole wheat English muffin altogether--
and just lick the Nutella right off.
Not. Good.

On that note, she also picks the chocolate chips out of the granola bars; 
eats them; and then discards the granola. *grin*

She has a smile that lights up the room. 
And my heart.

She recently has developed a new skill: climbing. She climbs every stationary thing in our house. She's quite good at it, but still. Scary.

In the video below, I *somehow* managed to capture three of my favorite things:

  1. She knows the 'clinking' sound of the treat jar.  When she hears it, she runs into the kitchen and begs for whatever happens to be in there at the moment. (Which means I have to be in constant stealth mode when I'm sneaking peanut M&M's if I don't want to share which is always.)
  2. She knows what the Wii is, and can say "Wii", but it's almost German-sounding. It sounds a bit like "Vvvvfeee". Hysterical. 
  3. She calls Ethan "E-E" now.  He is her buddy--the two have become inseparable since the biggies went back to school. If he is not in the room, then she is searching for him!

I warn you: the video below is horrible quality, but you get the idea. Enjoy my girlie in action and be jealous that I'm surrounded by this face each day! :)

Lola Claire Fransisca, every day is made better by your presence in it.  We are thankful to 
God for the 20 months He has blessed us with you! We are immensely enjoying watching 
you transform from a baby into a sweet, tender, beautiful little girl. 
Happy 20's!


Aim said...

DUUUUUDE! Let the poor girl go see her big brother! um yeah... she is too cute and the last time I saw her I don't think she said ANYTHING! UGH!Her Uh-huh was probably thEE CUTEST thing EVER! I think I would move that jar all day long just to see her run up like our cat does when we put an opener to the tuna can. ;)

Leanne said...


I thought MY girlie (Lucie) was the cutest one in the country....

But I'll grudgingly admit that Lola Claire is pretty doggone cute!!!! I mean it! She had my heart from the beginning!!!

Thanks for sharing the video!

Amanda Hoyt said...

Dev, I LOVE LCF!!! She is beautiful just like you (and that dimply elbow is scrumptious) :) lol
love ya'll sooo much!

Kara said...

Can't get enough of this girl. Cole made me watch the video more than once :) Miss you gals!

Anonymous said...

I guess it's time to get her out of the crib before she gets stuck.

TDM Wendy said...

I love those pigtails. Wish I could pull those off on my girls. How do you do it?