Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Coffee Drinkers

Look at what my wonderfully sweet, thoughtful, and highly caffeine addicted in-laws gave my boys a couple of weeks ago:

Their own 'coffee cups'! Now, mind you, we are not coffee drinkers around here and obviously that is not what the boys are drinking out of them....but they love using these cups. That is the first thing they ask for when I ask them if they are thirsty and want a drink....."Can I have my coffee cup?"

They are so proud the themselves with these big boy mugs!

I am such a huge fan of things that have the boys' names on them. For each of the boys' first Christmases, Lynette and Roger got them a name puzzle--their names spelled out in large letters of different colors. We've never opened them--they are for decoration in their rooms and not for play (because mommy says so, that's why)--and they are one of my favorite things the boys have! Of course, now coming in a close second are these great 'milk mugs', as I have so re-named them! Grandma and Grandpa Merritt managed to find each boy's name, spelled correctly and everything, in three different colors. What a great gift!

Ethan's not quite sure how to use his yet....."I don't think this is quite right...."

" How did you say to do it Mommy?"
" No, no milk on this end...."
"I'm just not sure if I will get the hang of this very soon.... "
"but I'm happy with it anyway!"
Thanks Roger and Lynette--the boys love their mugs, and so does mommy!


Julie said...

That's the trouble with having "unusual" names - 2 of our 5 kids will likely not ever have pre-made personalized stuff because I don't ever see their names. But that's okay, I guess.
Cute mugs!
I LOVE the look Ethan has in the "I'm just not sure if I will get the hang of this very soon" picture - it's the same look I get from my kids when they think I'm being weird. (I get that one a LOT)

Stephanie said...

We have one for Elijah but haven't been able to find one for Isaiah yet. They are cute!

The Boe's ~ said...

Yes, my boys love them also. They are so nice to have esp. when having ALL boys b/c its THEIR OWN, ya know.

Also, Jaden has that same sleeper Ethan is funny! Good taste thats all, right :)