Thursday, February 21, 2008

The newest of tricks

It's finally happened!

He usually laughs like crazy, hold his arms out in front of him like Frankenstein, and falls down about one step before he reaches his goal (as evidenced in the videos) but as of Tuesday, Ethan is officially walking! It is absolutely the cutest thing to see!

In other happenings around our house, the boys are all sick right now. Cameron is the worst off (Ethan and Colin are tying for a close second). The poor child coughed so hard last night in church that he threw up! Yes, my fear of one of my children throwing up in church in the middle of a service has now become a reality. All over me, all over him, all over the pew. Shane came to the rescue (as well as a couple of other church members) and we got everything taken care of. It was so cute--I didn't witness this, because obviously I was cleaning up throw-up, but apparently after the opening prayer (right after we left with Cameron) Colin raised his hand and said, "Pastor? Cameron just threw up and Mommy and Daddy took him out to clean him up, but could we pray for him to feel better?" :-)

Luckily, Cameron had an extra pair of jeans in the diaper bag (since we have been potty training, I take an extra pair when we go out 'just in case') and was wearing a zip-up hoodie over his shirt, so we were just able to strip that off and change his pants. It could have been a lot worse!

This morning, I discovered that Cameron had some 'dirt' on his face. Not so unusual for him.....anyway, when I got a washcloth to wipe it off, and discovered that it wasn't coming off, I looked a little closer and found that the poor thing actually has broken capillaries all over his face and around his eyes from coughing so hard! It is pitiful. You wouldn't really know he was sick, if it weren't for this terrible cough--he is in really good spirits! But, say a prayer, if you would, for poor Cami to feel better soon!

Here is some video of him, telling you of a few accomplishments of his:

If you didn't recognize the verse, it was Genesis 1:1. "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." It is so cute listening to him say that.....

And, I think Cameron is officially potty-trained, which is such an exciting thing for him (and me!). He hasn't had any accidents in several days, and I believe he really does understand what is going on. He knows when he needs to go, and will certainly let me (and anyone else that happens to be standing within earshot) know too! As you can see by the video, he LOVES wearing 'big-boy pants'! (By the way, if you didn't understand what he was saying about the diaper, he was saying that he wears a diaper at night....)

Now, onto Colin, who is quite the little memorizer!

Genesis 1:2 "And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters."

He is doing so well with letters, numbers, and writing. He is getting so big, and smart, and is such an amazing help to me!

There is a lot going on at our house, as you can see! Hope you enjoy this quick peek at the boys!


Unknown said...

cute dev but where is camerons video clip take some video of the house it looks good from what i saw

Devin said...


I am going to do a post of the house real soon. I got the video of Cameron fixed....he is talking so good now, it is soooo cute!


Julie said...

AWWWW - I'm a little jealous that Ethan is walking though!

How cool that the older guys are getting some memory verses down already. I need to get to work with Puckey & The Jib.

Kenzie said...


Those are the cutest videos ever! I watched all 4 and they all made me smile so much!

I am VERY impressed that Cameron is learning verses already... I think Deacon talks really well, but I guess I should prove it by working on some verses. Maybe it would help me learn a few more too :)

Cameron and Deacon must be about the same age... I'm impressed with the potty-training thing too. Deacon now refers to other kids as babies and he's a "big boy" if they are in diapers... ugh, I feel bad when they are his age and he say "he a baby mommy cuz he's in diapers". Sweet...

Anyways, they are adorable and thanks for praying! :) I have learned to MEAN IT too... I totally know what you are saying.

Love ya and praying,

Kara said...

Devin, they are sooo cute! I hear you about the coughing and puking...Caden did it to me at McDonald's today of all things!

Yeah on the walking and potty training! I can't wait to get Carter potty trained, I am sick of diapers and would like it done before the next baby, although that is a little unrealistic!

I also love the verse memorization. Caden can do it when he wants, but often refuses to say it back or practice! He is a little (ALOT) on the stubborn side!


PS- hows your attitude? and you want a pack of gummy bears?

Deanna said...

Dev, we LOVED the videos!!!! Mckinley and Barrett watched them with me and could not believe how smart Colin is. Barrett said how old is he? Yea- EEEEETHAN. When Mckinley was watching she said Ethan name like she does. Sorry Cameron is soo sick-we will keep him in our prayers.

Love you guys and miss you.