Tuesday, April 1, 2008

If you're around it long enough....it will get you

Sickness has been floating around our house for the last week and a half.

Cameron just got over a double ear infection/sinus infection/bronchitis. Colin has had a mysterious fever for about 4 days accompanied by lethargy and loss of appetite, but apparently nothing 'hurts' on him. He just wants to lie around all the time. It is getting better--he is actually up and playing with his brothers this morning, which is a great sign. Ethan has a never ending runny nose (as do all three of the boys, truly, because of their allergies).

And my dear mother.....Ugh. She has a double ear infection, strep throat, sinus infection, a swollen eye that she can hardly see out of...and can barely move her bones ache so badly. She is just miserable, but got a shot of antibiotics at the doctor last night, along with a couple of Rx's, so she is on her way to good health again (hopefully).

Poor Shane has had the worst sore throat of his life this past week....it was so bad, in fact, that instead of being miserable and waiting the normal 5-7 days to go to the doctor and then get medicine, he decided that he would use part of our date night on Friday to go to convenient care. You know, be ahead of the game.

Except, what happens? The ONE time that he decides to actually be proactive and head off whatever is coming on (before it actually gets so bad he can barely function) by going to the doctor, the checkup revealed that there is nothing more affecting him than a really bad cold. No strep, no infection of sinuses or ears....just a really painful cold.

He got an over-the-counter allergy pill for the $150 convenient care fee. That seems like a poor return on an investment to me. (Give me some sort of prescription. A sleeping pill. Some nose spray. Tylenol with codeine.....something. Just don't make me feel like I came here for nothing, PLEASE!)

So, he has been miserable for about 5 days now, but just this morning, he told me that his throat is finally starting to feel better. What a relief! I can't believe I have managed to escape all of this, I think to myself. Actually, I've thought that several times over the last few days.

I sit up in bed and swallow......ouch.....what in the world? I go to the mirror, open my mouth, look inside and see a bright red throat with a little bit of white stuff towards the tonsil area. Pretty sure that is a bad sign......

What was that again about NEVER saying anthing like, "I can't believe it hasn't gotten me!?"


Unknown said...

wow dev,
luke has had all of that but the sore throat.even the puffy eye. i keep going back and forth about the doc cause i don't want them to say it's nothing either.
ear infections are all over the place now!!!

Kara said...

yuck...I am sorry you are all getting this junk! We have been sick free for awhile, since Carter's tubes and I was thinking oh yeah...then it hit. The crazy fever with Carter, coughing, snotty nose, etc. This AM I woke up with a sore throat, you know the drill...when will it all end!
Praying for quick healing for you all!

Stephanie said...

I totally feel for you!!! You've described our house. Feb. was the month for my boys (including Gary) to be sick. Beginning of March was Isaiah and strep and then middle of March hit and BAM - I was on the couch for two weeks. (I went to the walk in too and finally, I took matters in my own hands and called an ENT specialist. So, if you don't see real improvement, I wouldn't be afraid to keep calling around).
Then last week was Isaiah's tonsil/adnoid surgery...
I am so ready to rejoin the land of the living! Thank goodness for everyone's blogs. That way I can still keep up on friends.
I hope you guys get to feeling better soon!