Friday, August 8, 2008

Another confirmation that "Waitress" is part of my job description as a Mommy

We got some yummy, yummy peaches this past week from a friend who picks them up in Michigan and brings them back down here by the bushels.

They are delicious.

Colin, as a matter of fact, has taken to them more than even me, and I love peaches. He has asked for one at every single meal since we got them on Wednesday night. If he keeps up this pace, I am not going to have any left to can....

He asked me for one at dinner last night, so I obliged, cut one up, and put it in his very own bowl. He was good and shared a couple of pieces with Cameron, but it seemed to me as though this particular peach was gone in a major hurry.

Our dinner last night was BLT's and fresh green beans (most of the ingredients came from our very own garden--can you say delish?) and I had gotten up from the table to get some more bacon for Shane. As I was working at the counter, sweet little Colin piped up with:

"Mom? Can I please place an order for another peach?"

How could I turn THAT down?


boltefamily said...

How incredibly cute Devin! I am sure his order was filled! Your boys are so precious!