Friday, August 1, 2008

Not just regular coffee.....the good stuff


Colin, at his play kitchen, buzzing around like a busy little beaver with his coffee pot.

Mommy, at the counter in her real kitchen, poses the question:

"Colin, what are you making over there?"

Colin's answer?

"Cathy and Cheeno!"

That's cappuccino for all of you who do not speak 4-year-old.


Hannah said...

Too funny...I only have to drive by Tim Horton's (our "national" coffee shop), and G will pipe in with, "You want to get a half-coffee-half-French-'nilla, Mom?"
I guess I *might* go there fairly often... :)

Julie said...

Does he do Frappy & Cheeno's too? I like the white chocolate mocha ones...YUMMY!