Thursday, August 28, 2008

An important meeting

Colin and Cameron have a terrible habit of leaving their toy cars in our kitchen. Inevitably, the cars end up lying with their most pointy parts UP; I end up not seeing them lying there because I am buzzing around doing whatever task I happen to be doing at the moment; then I end up stepping on them, nearly gouging my foot wide open which really hurts.

It is, without fail, one of my biggest pet peeves....therefore, I am fairly strict about the boys bringing cars into the kitchen/dining room area.

"No cars in the kitchen, please." You can hear me saying this several times each day.

However--I have three boys, all of whom love to play with cars, and our living room (where they play most of the time) is right next to our kitchen and dining room. Cars, as I hard as I try to keep them out, sometimes slip in to "my" area.

It happened today.

I was in the kitchen making spaghetti sauce from the *billions* of tomatoes in my garden.

I just so happened to look down right before walking an 11-quart pot FULL of sauce from my sink to my stove, and right there, directly in my path, were not one, but three cars. (Two of which, I might add, were wheels-up. That's a killer.....)


"Yes, Mom?"

"There are three cars here in the kitchen--can you come and get them for me and take them out to the living room?"

"Sure, Mom!"

He enters the kitchen and comes over to gather the cars. Gleefully, he says:

"Oh, this is great! We're all having an important meeting in the living room, and these guys need to be there too. Thanks Mom!"

I snickered, then peeked into the living room and saw this:

Ah....yes, yes. A very important meeting indeed.


boltefamily said...

Oh man, cars are also a danger in our home and we have ALL wood flooring so I have slipped on more than I care to mention.

I would love your sauce recipe...I am drowning in tomatoes!