Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Things that go *buzz buzz*


What do you do when your child says,
"Lookie Mommy!" and shows you this as his newly found treasure?


Freak out, then thank the sweet Lord above that this particular hornet is already dead.


Then laugh a little, or a lot, at the things that boys do.


Julie said...

I about had a heart attack when I saw that picture!!!

If that was The Jib, she'd have probably tried to eat it. LOL

Glad Cameron's "new friend" was not able to harm him in any way!!!

Rachel said...

Oh my goodness. That is too funny and very scary. I got stung about a month ago and it hurt worse then I remembered. Since then I am not found of bees, wasps and the like, especially when they are near my babies. So glad your sweet boy collected a dead hornet and did not get stung.
Rachel in PA
PS My signature name changed as I eventually want to get our last name off of our blog.

Kara said...

Oh my...I had a small heart attack when I opened your page! Scary, but glad it was dead...boys will be boys!

Thanks for the encouraging words...I might need them from a fellow momma of three 4 and under. Today was another good day mostly, I just hope I don't loose my mind soon :)