Thursday, September 4, 2008

Indiana Beach, 2008

Every summer since Colin was about 19 months old, we have gone over to Monticello Indiana to a little amusement park called Indiana Beach.

Actually, for me and my family, Indy Beach dates way back....I've been going there since I was about 7 years old. I love it there. It is small but has a good amount of things to do, everything is within normal walking distance, and it's not too terribly expensive to take a family of five there for an entire day--food and all.

We went last Sunday with Grandma MJ and we all had a wonderful time. The boys loved all the rides and could have stayed for several more hours....but by 7:30, we were exhausted!

First ride of the day--the airplanes!

Cameron flying with Ethan as the passenger.
We rode this one many times with many different combinations of fliers/passengers!

All three boys on the boats together. Here they come....

....there they go!

Mommy buckling Cameron in for the motorcycle ride
Me and Grandma MJ....also affectionately known to me as, "Mom"

Col leading Ethan on the motorcycles

On the kiddie coaster....all three boys liked this one the best of all, and rode it several times!

Okay....the first big-boy ride of the day! This is what we call the "log ride" get in the 'log', travel slowly around a few canals, and then up a giant hill and back down really fast to crash into a pool of water at the bottom! One of my personal faves--one of those childhood memories, I think.

Colin and Cameron loading with Daddy

Grandma MJ captured a picture before we went up....

....and, bless her heart, she tried to capture one of us on the way down, too. This was the result. See us? Yeah, that's us....right behind the pole. *giggle*

Cameron was definitely the brave one of the day. He wanted to go on more big-boy rides than even Colin! This was our shot capturing his first EVER big boy ride--the giant Pirate Ship. (You know....the one that goes back and forth like a giant swing and makes your stomach drop to your knees? Yeah, that's the one. )

The nice operator lady also took one of us! Cameron loved the ride until the very end. I think if it would have been shorter, he would have done okay--but I swear, we must have gone up into the air like, 20 times--and we were high up. He was nearing tears, but I kept reassuring him it was almost over. He decided that he never ever wanted to go on the sharp teeth ride "ever ever 'gin".

Oh, and the sharp teeth reference? That's because there was a dragon with long sharp teeth on the back of the ride....and he saw it when we were getting off. "Look Mommy, big, shawp teef! I don't like the big shawp teef ride Mommy, I don't like it."

So, next we headed over to the Antique Cars. This is a ride with old cars that is on a track on a boardwalk that goes all around the water, and the kids can 'drive'. Cameron loved this one. We went on it (just him and me) at least three more times that day.

On a funny note--Colin kept referring to these as the "anti-cars".

Our first big ride together--I think this one is called the bobsleds or something like that. It went around and around in a circle and up and down a couple of hills really fast; then stopped and went backwards. Agh! The weight of me, Colin, and Cameron pushing toward the outside of the little car (I think) nearly crushed Shane...but he was a good sport. The boys loved this one too, and went on it (sans Mommy) several more times.

Grandma MJ and her boys

Soon it was lunchtime. Good ol' amusement park food. On the menu? Corn dogs, chili dogs, foot-long hot dogs, cheese sticks, and french fries all around. Yes, yes, I know. Nice and healthy. I just couldn't seem to find any organic or all-natural food stands anywhere....(read with dripping sarcasm)

"Mommy, don't tell Grandma...but I just stole one of her french fries. Mwah-ha-ha-ha!"

"But, I'm pretty sure that she loves me sooooo much that she would forgive me even if she did know....yeah, I'm certain of it."

The tower of death--the Power Shot. You know, the one that shoots you up in the air like a rocket ship? Then you sort of free fall up and down until the ride comes to a glorious end?

Am I seriously stuck between two bald men in this picture? How funny is that?

Mommy and Cameron on the bumper cars--this one was a big hit too!

Daddy, Colin, and Cameron on the tilt-o-whirl; No, I did not even attempt this one.

Oh. My. Word.
Cameron got a hold of Grandma MJ's glasses again....

The drink that caused a thousand arguments:
"I wanna drink!"

"No, I wanna drink!"

"Boys, that will be enough of that. I wanna drink!"

Despite his best efforts to the contrary, Ethan pooped out around 3 p.m.

We rode and rode and rode till our (well, mine, anyway) stomachs hurt and feet ached. It was a wonderful day--a great *sniff* end to our summer.


Julie said...


Unfortunately, since I had kids, I have a REALLY hard time riding those kinds of rides.

I do okay on the Himalaya (you called it bobsleds), though.

Kara said...

That look so much fun! I am not really into rides, so I am not sure how the boys would do but it still looks fun! I love family days like that!

Homegrown Tribe said...

fun fun fun! I went there quite a few times as a kid... haven't been in years though.

love the last picture


Anonymous said...

Great work.