Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Game Day

Colin had his very first soccer game last Saturday. It, in my opinion, was a complete success. Colin exhibited a variety of emotions throughout the day...nerves, excitement, laughter, tears...but all in all, it was a great day for Colin and his teammates. Our little Storm team WON our very first game!

*Now, let me take this opportunity to let you all know that the Under 6 league technically doesn't keep score of the games when the children are this little. But this ultra-competitive mommy I kept score. It was 4-3. We won. That is all I have to say about that.*

At this age, it seems to me, the goal of these games is for the kids to just get used to the idea of the game. A few common phrases that we heard multiple times were:

  • "Remember, we don't use our hands!"
  • Coach: "Which way is our goal?" Children, all pointing to their goal: "THAT way!"
  • "Run! Run! Go after the ball!" (This was usually said to the lingerers who stayed on the outskirts of the action by their parents who desperately wanted them to engage)
  • "Great job (insert child's name here) , great job!"
  • "No no no, not with your hands!"

A few pictures of the day....

Colin practicing scoring before the game. He shoots.....

He scores!!
(I remember thinking to myself, "I really hope this bodes well." )

Ethan, on the sidelines, practicing that stinkeye face that he is getting so good at

Lucky little number 7

Colin having a water break with the Coach's son, and his new friend....named Devin!

Practicing before the game with Daddy

"All right team, are we ready to go?"
The before-the-game-huddle (this is so much cuter when the players are 3 1/2 feet tall)

A few minutes into the game, Devin ran the ball down the field with Colin following....Devin kicked it away, and then Col got to the ball and kicked it in for the team's very first score of the game!

(*Ahem*....no, I did not catch Colin actually shooting the goal on film, because I was, um, jumping up and down and screaming like a banshee for my son who was scoring the first goal of the game, thank you very much.)

But I did get one of that ball in the net!

Colin, taking a water break and getting some valuable advice from Daddy

A couple of shots of Colin going after the ball

Half time! Another common phrase that day was, "Mom, I'm hot."

"Goooooooo STORM!"

The future of Merritt soccer....Ethan Ryan, showing off a few moves!
Colin in action

Mommy and Cameron, cheering from the sidelines. This season may be tough for Cameron...he just couldn't understand why it wasn't becoming his "turn" to go on the field!

Silly little guy

Great game, everyone!

Colin ended up scoring the second goal of the game as well (the first two goals of the season! Whoo hoo! *Ahem*.) Then two other members of the team scored the third and fourth goals. Did I mention there is no goalie at this age, either? *giggle* Just open nets.

I don't care. A GOAL is a goal.

It was just soooo much fun watching him out there, playing like such a big boy. Win or lose....no, really, win or lose--I am proud of my little number 7.


goooooood girl said...

Good good good......

Julie said...

How CUTE!!!

Loved E's stinkeye picture...

Kara said...

Love it! This is one I can't wait to start for us! You have to be 4 by aug. 1...caden missed it by 28 days. HE practices some out back and I think by next year, he might just have it! Glad you all had fun, and I totally get the competitive thing. cory has banned me already from all things sports related to our children!