Friday, August 8, 2008

Happenings, part two: The sidewalk

You can check out part one first here if you like!

Last Saturday, Shane poured a new sidewalk out in the front of our house. When we moved in, there were just old bricks (that the former owners, I suspect, were trying to pass off as "pavers") that--it appeared, anyway--someone had just thrown up into the air and whichever way they landed, that was how they stayed! It was so uneven, it was ridiculous. And, if I may add, dangerous. And they tried to pass this off as a "walkway"....

....I called it the path of death. I swear, I nearly broke my ankles like 72 times trying to walk on that thing. And that doesn't even count the time I fell down, in the freezing snow, while 8 1/2 months pregnant with Ethan....we'll save that story for another day.

Shane pulling out the pavers (I actually did help with this was not fun.)

This is typical....Colin, doing his best to help Daddy while Cameron sits and 'supervises' *giggle*

Path completely void of pavers
Now came the fun stuff. Shane had to dig out the dirt--I say dirt but it was actually more like rocks with a small spattering of soil thrown in--to the correct depth, while widening the sides to the correct width. This took waaaaay longer than the actual pulling-of-the-pavers.
Day #2--the pour.
Shane spreading the concrete
Colin, always the helper, standing by to assist with any water needs Daddy may have

Ethan checking out the progress from one of his favorite toys--the lawn tractor!

Spreading and smoothing the concrete

The boys so enjoy watching their Daddy and helping him when they can!

My favorite part o
f the whole day was putting the boys' hand prints in the concrete, along with their birth dates!

Me helping Ethan--this was actually more of a chore than it might seem, as Ethan really didn't care to put his hand flat in the concrete. He was more in favor of trying to scoop up a handful and take it back out of the sidewalk so he could play with it....

But we finally did it. Mission accomplished!
Here was the final result--not professional, but I just love it!

The new sidewalk is great, and while maybe not extremely exciting to those of you who are actually still reading this post, (and good for you if you've gotten this far and you are not blood related) it is very exciting to all of us who have lived without it for the last couple of months!

Oh, yeah, and one last thing. Shane, sweetie, my ankles thank you.....


Julie said...

See, I'm not related, and I read every last word!!!

The handprints in the cement part was my favorite. My dad built a shed when I was pretty young and he, my mom, my sister, and I all put our handprints and (I think) our birthdates. Now, 25 or so years later, it's still there.

. said...

I was going to say that I wasn't realated but I read both posts too. I love reading about what people are doing to their houses! I know what you mean about Ethan wanting handfulls of the concrete, my inlaws thought it would be a great idea to make planter paver for their garden with each of the grandkids handprints. What a pain in the butt! I can't even tell you how many time we had to wipe Brodys and try again! We actually had to do it twice because they broke the first ones! Next time I'm telling them too bad!

. said...

Oh yeah, and not only was Ethan born on my birthday, Cameron was born on my Anniversary! I remember reading his birthday post, but I never caught the date before!

jillybean said...

Cool shed and sidewalk!

The Boe's ~ said...

Yes, i read both posts. Very-very good work Shane....time to come to Minooka and help Jason put a shed up next spring =) *hee *hee. Any hints or tips would be great!!

Love the fingerprints too. So cute and they look GREAT!! What a handy husband you have Devin!! =)