Saturday, August 22, 2009

The bright spot in my Thursday

Thursday was a rough* day for me.

*Understatement, understatement.

Cameron seemed to know, and to understand. He spent most of the day being a complete goofball...and gave me more smiles than anyone else that whole day.

These were captured in the span of about five minutes--him just being silly on the front seat of the van, and making me laugh like crazy.

{*Pieces of Cami*}
(Oh, and....this one? Not so much. Stinker.)


Sharon said...

Ethan's face makes me laugh. Eli makes the same kind of faces. Trouble is usually written all over him!

Leanne said...

Yeah, here in my house, when I take the time to notice, there is never anything but joy. Sometimes, we laugh so hard and get so silly here...

Glad to see it isn't just girls who get silly!

Ethan's cute!

How are you feeling??

Jen said...

I love the pic of Cameron smashed against the seat! What are you doing to that boy? Ha!