Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Musings


~am so grateful for good friends!

~love feeling Peanut move around each day. That never gets old!

~read a cute quote yesterday: "Half the time brothers wrestle, it's just an excuse to hug each other." I think that shall bring me great comfort in the years to come. *grin*

~want to wish my sweet sister- and brother-in-law a Happy Anniversary today! Love you guys!

~have 150ish ears of corn shucked and waiting to be blanched/cut from the cob/frozen. The thought slightly overwhelms me, but the prospect of amazingly delicious corn for the rest of the fall/winter/spring is awesome!

~am rejoicing over the fact that Grandma MJ is pitching in to help by providing the entertainment for my boys while I get all that corn done!

~am praising God today for the husband He has provided for me. Yesterday, even though he had a great opportunity to get through a book he's really been enjoying, he put said book down to help me shuck all that corn. Glad he took notice; glad he saw that I had a need; glad that he was unselfish enough to help me with that need! I love him.

~think it is so cute how Ethan wants to give 'babeee kisses? babeee kisses?' every morning. As soon as he wakes up.....he never forgets.

~love, love, love my church and the fellowship I have with others there. I so enjoyed going out for Mexican food with several of our friends last night....however, the Mexican didn't enjoy me so much. At around 1 a.m., I officially broke my vomit streak--at least it wasn't as long as his.

~am really enjoying the stage all my boys are at right now. Colin is so smart, so responsible, such a little leader. Cameron is discovering just how much he can really do, and has become such a wonderful little helper to me and to Ethan. Ethan has gone, in my eyes, from that 'baby' stage to a 'big little boy' what seems like overnight. I am loving (almost) every minute of every day with them right now!

~along those same lines, am dreading the fact that two weeks from today, my sweet firstborn is going to be walking into his first full week of school as a Kindergartner. I know he is going to do great--excel, even. He's so excited. But it's not him I'm worried about. What on earth am I going to do without my baby for seven hours of the day?

~was a bit bummed when Shane, after reading the post below and reading what I said about not really thinking my belly looked as big in real life as it does in the picture, and then seeing the picture of me, said: "Oh, yep. It really is that big, babe."

Happy Monday, everyone!


Leanne said...

Devin, I'm stealing this idea!!! I liked it!

Glory in that baby bump, no matter how big it gets. You don't want to have a single regret this pregnancy.

Okay, I don't want to say too much, you'll have to read my Monday post! lol!

Take care!

Wow, what if Peanut is a GIRL?????

Karie said...

Thank you for the well wishes today. I can't believe we've already been married 7 years! Crazy!
150 ears of corn-holy cow. Where do you get them all?

Julie said...

Dev - Shane loves you enough to be helpful when you need it, AND to be honest, too. :)