Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Musings


~go to the doc for the 'big' sono on Thursday! Not sure whether or not we will be finding out the gender of the baby yet...

~would be really curious to know how far I actually walk--distance wise--around/outside my house everyday. Up and down, back and forth....those steps have got to equal some serious distance.

~am loving this wonderfully cool August weather. Highs of lower 70's? I'll take it!

~am praying for another dear friend today.

~am really glad to have Shane back after being a single parent for the whole weekend. Whew! I sure miss him when he's gone....

~hate it when you are putting pillowcases on newer, thicker pillows--and you can't just put the pillow in and go 'shake, shake' and have it fall down into the case; but rather you actually have to take the pillow and painstakingly shove it into the case little by little because it's so tight. That irritates me.

~am having a bit of trouble adjusting the littles to an 'early to bed, early to rise' schedule. I know we'll get it eventually, but we're such night owls around here....any seasoned Mommies have any good suggestions for me?

~really like mowing the yard, but Peanut doesn't. Yikes. S/he gets all riled up in there when I mow! Must be the movement of the tractor?

~can't believe how self-sufficient and helpful Cameron has become in just a few short days. He is just stepping right up into those big boy shoes. It's great to watch him help me and Ethan!

~have all my Fall decorations (interior) out already. I just couldn't stand it. It is, after all, almost September, right? (And, on that note, it smells amazing in my house thanks to these! Easily B&B's best fragrance for this time of year.)

~miss Colin terribly.

~think, even with that said, I am enjoying the dynamic of having just the two smaller boys with me. Cameron and I talk a lot more, I notice....Colin has always been the one leading/participating in most of the conversations, but now that he is gone, that role has gone to Cameron. As usual when you're dealing with Cameron, we have some quite funny moments.

Case in point:

This morning, I was trimming fat off of some chicken {*blech*} that we are having for dinner, and I happened to mention to Cameron that he needed to stay away from the counter where I was working because there were 'chicken guts' all over it and it was very, very dirty. A few minutes later, he came back into the kitchen, where I was now scrubbing the counters and sinks clean. (I am paranoid about salmonella poisoning, and with good reason--maybe I'll share that story one day....) Anyway, I was scrubbing, and I thought I could squeeze a learning moment in. I asked Cameron if he knew why I was scrubbing everything. He answered:

"Because there are chicken pox all over it!"

Close enough. *grin*

Happy Monday everyone!


SarahMerritt said...

WOW!!!! THURSDAY!!!! Truthfuly I hope you have a sweet little girl! They are so much fun and your little boys will love a baby sister! But I know what you really want is a Healthy baby and that is what I pray for you to have. I just can't believe its already BIG u/s time!!I hope it goes well!

Kara said...

what do you mean not sure you will find out...i don't see how people can wait...agghhh! i would go crazy!

Mamasita Chimichanga said...

I can relate to you on just about every single point you made..... The weather... distance in steps around the house...missing my husband terribly when he is gone...the pillow case thing (THAT DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!)... having just a couple little boys at home, and the big "new" big boy becoming more mature...

BUT 2 things bothered me:

#1.Fall decorations!??!?! That is ONE my FAVORITE seasons to decorate for, but already???

#2. NOT FIND OUT THE SEX!?!?!? Did you keep your boy stuff? Aren't you a planner/organizer like me??? I would just HAVE to have everything in order when I went off to have the baby! AND if it IS a girl, you want to have everything TOTALLY girly! That's how I am feeling now... I have had 3 boys in a row... if I have a girl... her crib bedding/car seat/stroller/clothes/blankets/ONESIES,etc. are going to be slathered in pink and or purple. Or pink and brown... but you get the point. Whew.... you've really got me nervous over here....

Keep us updated....

Julie said...

Dear are SO sweet.

You DO need to find out the gender of the baby, because I NEED to know. You know, because it's all about me. LOL

But seriously, I need to know.

I love your boys...they are so stinkin' cute.