Friday, November 13, 2009

How old is my son? Sixteen?'m pretty sure he's six.

A conversation over breakfast:

Me, all excited: "So, boys....what are you guys thinking about wanting for Christmas this year?"

Cameron, instantly as excited as I was: "Mom! Mom! I want a green racing car, a fast one, a remote control one. It has to go really, really fast all by itself. That is it. That is all I want. Just that!"

Me: "Okay! Colin, how about you?"

Colin, thinking: "I think....I think I want an iPhone."

Me--bewildered, to say the least: "I'm sorry? You want a what?"

Colin: "An iPhone."

Me: "Colin, do you even know what that is?"

Colin: "Yes. Mercy in my class has one. You can play games on can listen to music on can watch a video on it....and, you can even call your mom on it, if you know her phone number!"



Nic said...

To Funny!! I want an iPhone too!!! Most likely I wouldn't be able to figure it out though =)

Unknown said...

RIDI- - CU- LOUS!!!!!! (singing that of course) ;) NO WAY!!!!! please tell me he was not correct in that. maybe it was show and tell and her mother happened to be there with her phone???

Susan said...

that is too funny :)

Julie said...

Oh, you would be surprised at the number of kids that have cell phones these days, and even SHOCKED at how YOUNG these kids are with this super expensive phones!

What the heck are parents thinking?

Kara said...

What...that is all I can say!

I agree with Julie, what the heck are parents thinking!

Um, sorry are only 6 you aren't getting a phone anytime soon!


Leanne said...

A SIX YEAR OLD with an iPhone?

Whatever! That girl needs to leave it at home! I can't even imagine a 6 year old with a NORMAL cell phone!

Too funny what our kids are thinking!

The Swenson Family :) said...

LoL I think Matt is a bad influence :) LoL I didn't get a cell phone until I was like 18 I think. LoL

Jen said...

Maybe Tom can get you a good deal . . . ha! Seriously, what are our kids going to want when they are actually 16? Brooklyn actually knows how to work my Ipod Touch better than me. (She has some games on there). Brooklyn is not getting a cell phone ANYTIME soon. I'm thinking like a decade. . .

Kristy said...


Carolyn said...

What's the problem? I figure if you just make sure he knows your number, all should be just fine. Right?


Have a great weekend,